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Residential Vastu

Commercial Vastu

Office Vastu Tips
Commercial Vastu

Vastu For Office| Best Office Vastu Tips| [2024]

Mar 15, 2019

According to the architectural science of Vastu Shastra, there is a deep connection between the ...

Commercial Vastu
Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu Basics| Secret Vastu|

Industrial Vastu

Vastu for factory plot
Industrial Vastu

Factory Plot Vastu: A Complete Guide [2024]

May 19, 2021

A vastu compliant factory plot has many advantages. Each industry has a certain vastu direction ...

Industrial Vastu
Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu Basics| Secret Vastu|

Feng Shui Articles

What Is Feng Shui
Feng Shui Articles

What Is Feng Shui? How Does Feng Shui Work?

Oct 16, 2020

Feng shui is based on the Taoist vision which highlights the understanding of the nature and its ...

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compass and house facing direction
Residential Vastu

Vastu Compass And Directions [How To Find ...

Mar 16, 2018

In Vastu Shastra, one of the most frequently asked question is how to use the compass to find the ...

vastu for main entrance
Residential Vastu

Vastu For Main Entrance| Main Gate Vastu ...

Apr 17, 2018

Entrance gate of the house is the most important element not to be ignored in house vastu. Main ...

West facing house vastu tips
Residential Vastu

West Facing House Vastu | Best Vastu Tips ...

Oct 24, 2020

West facing house can be as auspicious as a North or East facing house, provided you follow certain ...

North West Kitchen Vastu
Residential Vastu

North-West Kitchen Vastu: [Everything that ...

May 02, 2021

North-West is a well suited direction for the kitchen according to vastu shastra. But, there can be ...

North East Kitchen Vastu Remedies
Residential Vastu

North-East Kitchen Vastu: Simple Remedies ...

May 05, 2021

These vastu remedies will help you eliminate or reduce the ill effect of the North-East kitchen. ...

About Us

We are Jaipur (Rajasthan) based specialized Vastu Consultants.
SECRETVASTU.COM provides professional services on the ancient Indian architectural science called ‘Vastu Shastra’.
We help you to reform your surroundings by eliminating negative and enhancing positive energies in your homes/offices/industries.
Why You Should Choose Our Services For Vastu Consultancy-
1- We use pure scientific approach to make your home harmonious and in tune with the Cosmic Universe.
2- We make a detailed analysis report with the best vastu remedies.
3- We provide remedies without any demolition in most of the cases.
4- Our vastu solutions will bring peace, wealth and success in your life.
5- Our vastu remedies will help you to live a happy married life.
6- We’ll help you get success in studies.
7- We respect your privacy.
We Provide Following Vastu Services / Consultancy to Our Clients-
1- Residential Vastu    
[Bedroom, Kitchen, Drawing room, Pooja room, Study room etc.]
2- Commercial Vastu
[Office, Showroom, Hotel, Multiplex, Mall, Multistory Buildings etc.]
3- Industrial Vastu
[Steel industry, Plastic industry, Food industry etc.]
We Provide Vastu Solutions and Remedies in the Following Ways-
1- Blocking The Bad Entrances
2- Virtual Gate Opening Technique
3- Elemental Strip Technique
4- Color Strips Technique
5- Cutting off Space Technique
6- Space Extension Technique
7- Space Purifying Technique
8- Activity Relocation Technique
9- Using Pyramids to Enhance Positive Energy
10- Reconstruction (if no other option is left).
Our goal is to bring happiness to millions. We aim to share knowledge that is scientific, simple, and practical to apply. You can contact us to get the most effective vastu remedies and solutions for your residence, office, shop and workplace.
Secret Vastu| Expect Miracles!