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Vastu Compass And Directions [How To Find The Facing of Your House]

Mar 16, 2018 . by Sanjay Kudi . 352351 views

compass and house facing direction

In Vastu Shastra, one of the most frequently asked question is how to use the compass to find the facing of the house? It is an important question because the ancient building science of vastu shastra is entirely direction-based and directions in vastu shastra are held as the energy centers.

Therefore, if your compass reading is inaccurate then you cannot make your house vastu compliant as a difference of even 3-4 degrees will make the entire calculation of 16 vastu zones completely wrong. It will also make it difficult for you to uncover the root cause of the problems. 

Hence, in order to apply all the vastu principles properly you need to find out the accurate directions of your house. It can be a very confusing and difficult task in the beginning to determine the directions.  

But, if you follow the vastu guidelines carefully you will find out that it is not a rocket science. So without any delay, let’s dive right in and learn the easy and simple method of Secret Vastu to determine the directions of your property.  


finding direction through vastu compass, finding house facing


This Article Will Explain The Following Things:






  • Finding The Center Point of The House
  • Main Entrance Location
  • 16 Vastu Zones





In order to learn how a compass works, you must find out what a compass is. 

In the olden days people used to see the shadow of the sun to determine the directions. In the modern and technologically advanced world we can use the magnetic device called compass to check the directions very minutely.

Basically compass is a device with a magnetic needle that helps us to find out the directions relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles.

This magnetic needle is balanced on a nearly frictionless pivot point. The one end of the compass needle is usually colored in red or green color or marked with ‘N’ to indicate that it points toward North direction.  

The one end of the needle in the magnetic compass aligns itself with the earth’s magnetic field that means it will always point towards the magnetic North of the earth which is different from the geographic North. 

In the picture given below you can see that each of the direction is located on a particular degree on compass. For instance, North is located at 0° or 360° degrees, the East is located at 90° degrees, and 180° on compass is indicating the South direction. 


reading vastu compass, finding house facing

When it comes to choosing a compass you can always go with a magnetic compass that gives you a degree number from 360°/0° to 359°. However, if you don’t have a standard magnetic compass, you can also use the compass app on your smartphone to find out the facing or direction of your property.  



While using a compass, you need to remember some important tips which are as follows:


  • You need to make sure that you are away from structures that could affect the magnetic needle (and hence the reading) of the compass.
  • Do not carry mobile phone, laptop or any iron object
  • There should not be any high-voltage power lines where you stand while using the compass.
  • Ensure that there are no magnetic objects near the compass.
  • Remove all jewellery on hands and wrists as it may interfere with the reading.



Finding the facing of your house is very easy and simple. All you need to do is to follow these steps:  


  • Imagine that the front of your house (i.e., the main gate of your house) is oriented to a park. To take the compass reading you will have to stand parallel to a wall with your face looking to the park.
  • Put the compass on your palm and keep the elbow at 90 degrees (horizontally) at the chest level.
  • Keep your hand as steady as possible and rotate the housing dial until the compass needle (usually a red or green colored tip) lines up with the orienting arrow.
  • Once the 0°/360° mark on the compass housing and the North end of the needle are aligned, determine what line is directly in front of you. In other words, the compass line which is exactly in front of you shows the actual degree or the facing of your house. Let’s say that the compass reading is 45° (North-East). Then North-East (NE) will be the facing of your house.    
  • Take at least 3 reading from different parts of your house or property to determine the correct direction. Sometimes, the three readings will differ. In that case, add all three readings up and divide by 3, i.e., 130+128+132=390 divide by 3 = 130 degrees. It will be the facing of your home.
  • You will now have an accurate facing of your house.
  • You also need to find out the exact North point of your house to make the floor plan according to the vastu. Let’s assume you are facing a particular wall of your property and the compass reading is 45° degrees, then measure 45° anti-clockwise from that point, facing the same wall on the map and that would be the North direction of your house. 




Now the next most important step is to grid the map of your house and locate the main entrance as well as mark all the 16 vastu zones on your floor plan. But before we do that we need to find out the exact center point of the house. (Click Here To Read- @moneyvastu)




As you can see in the picture given below, mark all the four corners of your house as point A, B, C and D. Now draw a line from point A to C and B to D. The point where these two lines are crossing each other is the exact center point of your house.


finding the center point of the house in a map


But if there is a cut or extension in any corner of your house, then draw an imaginary line to make the house square or rectangular. After that, mark all the corners as point A, B, C and D. Then draw a line from A to C and B to D. This crossing point of these two lines will be the center point of your house.


finding the center point in a floor plan




There are total of 32 possible entrances according to vastu shastra. After dividing a circle of 360°, you will get 32 entrances each covering 11.25°. Every cardinal direction (North, East, South, and West) is divided into 8 possible entrances. For instance, 8 entrances for North (N1 to N8), 8 entrances for East (E1 to E8), 8 entrances for South (S1 to S8), 8 entrances for West (W1 to W8).


32 entrances in vastu, 32 vastu padas


Each entrance creates its own effect but only few of them offers positive results to the occupants of the house. 

Therefore, we have to mark all the 32 entrances on your map in order to decide the best entrance of your house. Follow these steps to find out the perfect entrance of your house:


  • Firstly, mark the center point of your house on the map.
  • Determine the exact north point of your house using compass.
  • Draw a line from the center to the North point of the house.
  • After drawing a line from center to the north, now draw another line at 11.25° clockwise from the Northern point. It will be called N5. Now, at the regular interval of 11.25°, draw rest of the lines clockwise and mark them as N6, N7, N8, S1, and S2 and so on.
  • This is how you can mark all the 32 entrances on your map and thereafter you will be able to choose the best possible entrance for your house.
  • Remember, each principal direction (North, East, South, and West) has 8 possible entrances. For instance, north has 8 possible entrances from N1 to N8.



Once you have decided the vastu compliant entrance for your house, the next step would be to mark all the 16 Vastu Zones.


16 vastu zones,


Positive flow of energy in all the 16 vastu zones of your house is extremely important to get the desired results because this flow of energy deeply affects your emotions as well as your thoughts. Therefore, it is important to locate the 16 vastu zones on the map and make them vastu friendly. (Click Here To Read- @maingatevastu)

But, before we determine 16 vastu zones on your house map, we need to understand the basic directions and their degree readings. Basically, 16 vastu zones are composed of four cardinal, four inter-cardinal and eight secondary inter-cardinal directions. Each of them is located on a particular degree on the compass. 

First of all, we will find out cardinal directions and their degrees on compass. In a compass, there are four cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West) each separated by 90 degrees. These cardinal directions are:


0°/360°     - North

90°             - East

180°           - South

270°           - West


These cardinal directions are further divided into four inter-cardinal (ordinal) directions. Each of the inter-cardinal direction is placed halfway between two cardinal directions. For instance, one of the inter-cardinal directions North-East (45°) is located exactly halfway between the two cardinal directions North (0°) and East (90°). This applies for every inter-cardinal direction. Here are four inter-cardinal directions and their degrees on a compass:    


45°            - NE (North-East)

135°          - SE (South-East)

225°          - SW (South-West)

315°          - NW (North-West)


Apart from the four cardinal (principal) and four inter-cardinal (ordinal) directions, there are secondary inter-cardinal points halfway between each cardinal and inter-cardinal point. These secondary inter-cardinal points are as follows- 


22.5°              - NNE (North-North-East)

67.5°              - ENE (East-North-East)

112.5°           - ESE (East-South-East)

157.5°           - SSE (South-South-East)

202.5°           - SSW (South-South-West)

247.5°           - WSW (West-South-West)

292.5°           - WNW (West-North-West)

337.5°           - NNW (North-North-West)


These cardinal, inter-cardinal and secondary inter-cardinal directions are known as 16 vastu zones. Now, we will mark these vastu zones on your house map. For that, divide your house into 16 Vastu Zones each covering 22.5° degrees. Follow these steps to determine 16 Vastu Zones:


  • First of all, draw a line from the center to the North point of the house.
  • Now, draw another line at 22.5° degrees clockwise from the North. It will be called NNE (North-North-East).
  • After marking the North and NNE, draw rest of the lines clockwise on the map at the interval of 22.5° degrees and mark them as ENE, East, ESE, and SSE and so on.
  • Once you have the marked all the 16 vastu zones, make sure to indicate on your map the locations of all the rooms, stairs, kitchen, underground water tank, over-head water tank etc. Here is a picture to show you the ideal vastu zones to locate all the rooms of your house according to vastu principles:


ideal house according to vastu, house plan according to vastu


(Click Here To Read All Articles on House Vastu - @HouseVastu)


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Its a apartment on 5th floor, I am not able to decide the God's (Pooja room/cabinet placements)

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Sitalaxmi ji, Generally, North-East, North and East directions are considered good for pooja room location. For details, you can check this article on pooja room- https://bit.ly/2KnySvP



My home main gate facing 238 degree south west is it ok, Or change it to 148 degree south east Pls suggest.

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Snehal Ji, 238 Degree facing means, your main gate is in W-2 entrance which is not considered good. Second option of your main gate is in 148 degree, which is S-2 entrance. S-2 entrance [From 146° to 157°] is good for salaried people. But, you need to be sure of the degree before you make any changes in your entrance.


Vikrant Singla

Sir, I am looking for a property and liked it but problem is two attached toilet bathroom are coming in north east direction. Any suggestion apartment entry is in west facing.

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Vikrant Ji, any property which has a toilet in the North-East direction is considered very inauspicious even after appyling vastu remedy. So I would not suggest you to buy such property.


Rajat Chaudhary

Hello Is the door facing at 100degree or east of south east is good ?

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Rajat Ji, 100 Degree main entrance means, your main gate is in E-5 [90°-101°]. It is not considered a favorable entrance for the residents. It will negatively affect your decision making power.


manish vashisth

I want toh learn secret vastu...Pls guide me sir

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

मनीष जी, बहुत जल्द ही Secret Vastu की ओर से वास्तु कोर्स शुरू किया जाएगा| इसके अंतर्गत हिंदी में वास्तु के सभी मूलभूत नियमों की विस्तार से जानकारी दी जायेगी| Secret Vastu के सभी पाठकों को इसके संबंध में जल्द ही सूचित कर दिया जाएगा| धन्यवाद|



Hai My house is south facing with main gate and main entrance at S8 Is that okay

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Vijayalakshmi Ji, South facing house can be very auspicious, if some important vastu rules are properly followed. One of them is the location of the Main Entrance of your house. Main entrance in S-8 [between 214° to 225° on compass] is not considered good. It needs to be rectified. But, before that you need to make sure that your main entrance is in S-8.


Prasad Shirke

Dear sir, my residence main door entrance is facing south west approximately at 211 degree. Is it ok to continue in this house which is on rental basis?

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Prasad Ji, the main entrance door of your house is at 211° as you have mentioned. It means this entrance is in Bhringraj Pada and it does not provide good results for the residents of the house. It can be rectified with some remedies, but since you are living there on rental basis, it would be a better and easier option for you to choose another house. So I would recommend you to opt for a new house which has a positive main entrance.



Namaste, Are houses with entrance at 235degrees OK? Please advise Thanks Deepa

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vasu Consultant]

Namaste Deepa Ji, houses with entrance at 235 degree are not considered good as per vastu. This entrance at 235° would be a W-1 entrance which is not recommended.


Bhawna Kadyan

Hello, is attached garage in USA houses considered part of building to calculate padas for entrance placement? We have a west facing house. Thanks!

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Bhawna Ji, you need to grid the entire plot to calculate the padas for main entrance placement. But when it comes to the constructed area main entrance and its padas, you may not need to include the attached garage while gridding because the garage is generally an extended part of the constructed area in USA houses.



Sir... Should I check both main entrance and main door of the house while checking for good vastu and longevity

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Shubha Ji, you should certainly check the vastu of both the entrances of your house.


Manimala yadav

Main door of our flat is N-W means when i am facing door from inside , compass shows north west. Is it okay ? We did interior for main entrance, which idols or any symbol can be used to decorate main door from outside.

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Manimala Ji, NW [North-West] door means you have W-8 & N-1 entrances. These entrances are not considered favorable. They should be rectified.



I have a flat and main door is 238 or 240 degree (measured from two diff ph compass) WSW. Is it good auspicious and should I stay there? It’s a new flat , kindly advise

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

W-2 entrance [Dwarik] is not auspicious. It should be rectified.



Hello the compass is showing my house entrance at 338 Degree . Is it ok to have an entrance there ?

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Prachi Ji, entrance between 337° to 349° is considered 'Mukhya' entrance and it is very good.



Need Vastu consultant for making my two floor duplex penthouse area 1880 sqft x 2

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Arun Ji, Contact us on this WhatsApp number - +91 93583-89567 regarding your query for the Vastu Consultation.



Hi Mr Kudi, I am based in Melbourne Aus and found out that have the toilet in the north east of the house.Unfortunately the house is built and it's not possible to shift the toilet anywhere else on the ground floor. What's the remedy to minimize the impact due to the toilet in north east. I can send out the plans. many thanks, Amar

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Amar Ji, North-East zone toilet [W.C.] is not good. And its Vastu rectification may also not bring 100% result, but it will certainly minimize the impact. Please send us the floor plan of your house on this WhatsApp number- +91 93583-89567 and we will suggest you the appropriate remedy.


Nirav patel

Hi sir my house entry gate is on 276 degree is what dose it means

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Nirav Ji, your house entrance at 276° means you have the 'Varuna' entrance according to vastu. It makes the person over ambitious. It is not a bad entrance, but it also does not bring much positive results until the other aspects of your home are vastu compliant.



Hello Sir, planning to buy flat in 12th storied apartment. Flat is facing NW 315 degrees. Have twonoption one with NE cut and having toilets in NE second is opposite ie cuts in south. Pls give me your email I'd to share complete layout with directions.

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Sir, you can share the details of your flat on this Email Id- [email protected]


Amit dhalwade

My flats main door opens at 237 degree...is it good and if not pls suggest remedies


Chetan Kochhar

Namaskar. My house entrance falls between 155°- 165° South of South East. Is it OK?

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Chetan Ji, your house entrance is in Poosha & Vitatha pada. They are considered good entrances. Poosha is especially good for salaried people and Vitatha is also good entrance.



I want a clear and exact vasthu Plan for construction of a new house in my plot of. 16 guntas . please give me your contact information.

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Krishnappa Ji, You can contact on this WhatsApp number - +91 93583-89567 regarding your query.



Hello Sir, when I put a compass at the front of the house near the main door it shows 166 degree south. Would that be ok ?? Or should be plan to move the front door ?

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Jinal Ji, if the main entrance of your house is around 166° then it is ok.



Hi we are looking at house on rent and the one that we like, the entrance of one is 133 SE and other is 276 W . Which one will you suggest

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Kavita Ji, House with entrance at 276° is better. So go with the west facing house in this case.



Hello Sir, My house main door is pointing 142 degrees. Is it good?

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Chitra Ji, 142° entrance is a South-East [S-1] entrance, which is not good. It should be rectified.



Sir my main door is facing east direction is it okay

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Jeena Ji, East entrance is considered a very auspicious entrance.



When I walk into my drawing room from main gate, I am moving towards north direction. Is this direction OK for my home?



Sir ghar ke bahar jane wali...disha pakdte ke...ghar me parvesh karni wali disha .mein jo ghar Dekha wo bahar West fecing hai...pls guide



Dear sir my house door shows between 240 and 250 degree when measured from 1 wall and 2nd wall on main door. Is it okay as per vastu?


Purvi Koushik

Hello, I live in Melbourne, Australia. My house main entrance falls between 150° South between South East. Is it OK?



Hi sir … we bought a home with entrance at 113 degrees in USA. Want to know details if its good or not



Hello Sir, I am looking to buy a house in Germany where the main door is facing South-East at 152 degrees. Is it a good entrance. The main road is on the South-West side of the house (House is almost square but tilted by around 62 degrees). Is it good to buy? Kindly advise.



Namaste Sanjay ji, My flat is vaastu compliant but the main axis is tilted by 15 degree. What is the remedy?


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