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Vastu For A Successful Career| Vastu Tips For Job And Career Growth|

Mar 06, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 43727 views

vastu successful career

Do you want to be successful in your career? Almost everyone will answer ‘yes’ to this question, but only a few people will be able to get the desired success in their career.

You must have noticed that, no matter how hard you work, how much effort you put, or how deeply you desire for it, you are not getting the success you want and no wonder if it makes you frustrated.

On the other hand, there are some people who aren’t as talented and hard working as you are, but still they are more successful. The reality is that not all the successful people are talented and not all the talented people are successful.

So what is the key to success? There is no doubt that talent, skill and hard work matters, but to be successful you need to attract positive thoughts and energy into your life. But the question arises, how do we do it?

Everybody is continually surrounded by energy, all the time. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not we are all constantly interacting with certain type of energies. According to vastu shastra, each house has its own energy, and anyone residing in it will come under the influence of this energy, which in turn influences his thoughts. So you need to make sure that your home radiates the right kind of energy.

The mystic Indian science of architecture known as vastu shastra helps you eliminate negative and enhance positive energies in your home. There are some very effective Vastu principles if applied correctly will help you uplift your career like you have never thought before. 


Here Are Some Proven, Most Accurate And Extremely Effective Career Vastu Tips


1- Bedroom Location-


career vastu tips


South-West (SW) zone is associated with the Earth element. Hence, it ensures stability in your life. South-West is considered a great zone for the Master Bedroom. You should sleep in this direction if your profession demands stability. However, if you are a student, you can also use West-South-West (WSW) zone for the purpose of your bedroom. It is the zone of knowledge and wisdom.  (Click Here to Read More on Bedroom Vastu - @BedroomVastu)


2- Study Room Location-


If you are a student or researcher, you can make your study room in the West-South-West (WSW), East or North-East (NE) zone. Provide the door of your study room in North-East, North or East direction.


vastu tips for career, job vastu


3- Study Table-


Square and Rectangular shapes are preferred for the study table. There must be some open space between your table and the wall to let the ideas flow in your mind freely. So keep the study table away from the wall.


4- Sitting Position-


You should face North or East direction while studying. Facing North or East is also good for a business person as it is considered auspicious for monetary gains. Apart from this, you should have a wall at the back. Psychologically, it not only signifies support, but also makes you feel safe. You can also hang a beautiful picture of a mountain on the wall behind you. You should not sit below a beam while working.


5- Furniture of the Room-


Wooden furniture is always preferred. Heavy furniture should be placed in the South-West (SW) corner of the room. You should use high-back chairs. It is good and signifies support, especially for the professionals. Broken furniture items should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


6- Importance of North-East for Career-


North-East (NE) is the direction of mind clarity and vision and these two characteristics are very important for the career growth. Therefore, this zone should be free of any construction. Since it is one of the most sacred zones of the house, it should be kept clean and clutter free all the time. You should place water related items, drinking water or a water fountain in the North-East.


7- Importance of East for Career-


vastu for career, job vastu tips


East is the direction of social association. So if networking and public relations are vital part of your profession, then the East direction must be vastu compliant. You can keep it open and make a beautiful garden in this direction. If it is not possible to have a garden, then you can also paint green color on the East wall or hang a beautiful picture of a garden as well. You will be surprised to see the way it helps you in expanding your network and increasing your public relations. (Read More on East Facing House Vastu - @EastFacingHouseVastu)


8- Importance of South-East for Career-


South-East (SE) is the zone of cash flow. Cash flow becomes very important, especially if you are a business person. It is as important to a business as blood is to the body. Hence, South-East must be in compliance with vastu for a better cash flow. All the fire related items should be kept in this zone. Ideally, the kitchen of your house should be constructed in the South-East. The walls of this zone should be painted in light pink color.


9- Placements of Objects-


Bookshelf should be placed in the North or East part of your study room. Computer and table lamp can be put in the South-East corner of your study table and other machines and electrical items can be placed in the South-East corner of your room.


10- Importance of the Main Entrance-


best career vastu tips, main entrance importance in career vastu


According to vastu, one of the most important and effective part of your house is the main entrance. There are 8 directions (four cardinal and four ordinal) divided into 32 possible entrances – each measuring 11.25°. Some of these entrances are considered very auspicious for career growth and overall prosperity. These auspicious gates are as follows –



  • Mukhya
  • Bhallat
  • Soma



  • Jayanta
  • Indra



  • Vitatha
  • Grihrakshita



  • Pushpdanta
  • Sugriva


Secret Vastu Tips - What Not To DO-


1- Study room should not be constructed in the North-West (NW) zone.

2- Door of study room must be avoided in South-West (SW) and North-West (NW) Direction.

3- Do not sit below the beam as it attracts psychological pressure.

4- Sitting with your back towards the entrance of the room will make you feel insecure and unsafe. Hence, you should avoid sitting in this position or else you will not be able to focus on your work.  

5- Do not make the bookshelf above the study table.

6- Hanging paintings of water bodies or wars is a strict no as they not only attract negativity but also denotes lack of support.

7- Vastu strictly prohibits strong colors such as bright red, purple and violet, vivid yellow, black. It will have negative influence on mood, emotions and productivity.

8- Irregular shaped furniture is not recommended as per vastu.

9- Toilet must not be constructed in the auspicious directions, especially a toilet located in the North-East (NE) will bring disastrous result for the career as well as for the cash flow.

10- Do not place any heavy object in the middle of the room (Brahmasthan). This place must remain clean and clutter free.

Being hard working and talented or having a high IQ does not guarantee you a successful career. There are plenty of unsuccessful people who are more gifted than their peers who went on to achieve the success they wished for. This happens mainly due to the vastu defects present in your building (e.g. home office, shops, factories).

So it is advised to get these vastu defects removed. After making the building vastu compliant you will notice a positive change in your thinking pattern and you will also improve your decision making skills, which will ultimately help you in your career growth.

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