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East Facing House Vastu|

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East facing house vastu tips

The East direction symbolizes life as the sun rises from this direction and is said to bring positive energy into your home. That is why, east facing houses are the second most preferred houses (first one being north oriented ones) by most of the people.

But, unlike the popular belief, the East facing property may not be very auspicious, if it is not constructed as per the guidelines of vastu shastra. Therefore, simply having an East facing house is not sufficient enough to consider it favorable.

However, there are certain benefits of having an East facing house which can’t be denied. One of the most important reasons why east and north facing houses are considered more vastu compliant is that the placement of each and every room in their proper vastu zones is a lot easier in an east or north facing house than a south or west oriented house.

So, it’s the placement of the main entrance and location of all the rooms that has to be taken into consideration while making a vastu compliant house.   


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It is the very first step to identify the house orientation in order to make it vastu compliant. As per the vastu shastra ‘the facing of a house’ refers to the direction in which the main entrance of a house is located. So, if you are facing East direction while stepping out of the main entrance, it will be considered an East facing house.


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The direction of the main entrance of your house is an important consideration. It is the main entrance from where the cosmic energy enters into a house which plays a vital role in the lives of the occupants of that house.

The following things must correspond to the vastu principles for an auspicious East facing house–


  • Main Entrance location
  • 16 Vastu Zones and location of the Rooms
  • Placement of the Various Objects and balance of the Five Elements in our living space


There are some very important vastu principles that need to be carefully followed in order to make your house vastu compliant. 




Finding the facing of your house is extremely important as a difference of even 3-4 degrees will make the entire calculation of 16 vastu zones inaccurate and then it will be difficult for you to find out the root cause of the problems. (Here is the full article link - @FindingTheDirectionofYourHouse)

Finding the accurate facing of the house is not a rocket science. All you need to do is to follow these steps:


  • First of all, stand outside of the main entrance of your house with house at your back and the compass in your hand. Stand with your back parallel to the house.
  • Hold the compass flat (horizontally) on your palm in front of your chest.
  • Now, let the compass needle (usually a red or green colored orienting arrow) float freely until the zero degree mark on the compass and the North end of the needle are aligned. It will determine the magnetic North.
  • After confirming the magnetic North, write down the direction which you are facing.
  • You will now have an accurate facing.


While Using A Compass, Make Sure To Remember The Following:


  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass
  • Remove all jewellery on hands
  • Hold the compass at waist level
  • In order to determine the accurate direction, take at least 3-4 readings in and outside the property and confirm the one which you get the maximum number of times.




The main entrance of the house holds a very important place in the vastu. It connects a home to the cosmic consciousness. Since it is the main entry point for the cosmic energy into any building, it plays a vital role in the lives of the inhabitants of that building.

According to vastu shastra there are 32 gates out of which 9 gates are considered very auspicious and 2 out of these 9 gates are located in the East direction.

The main entrance of any East facing house should be located in the following Padas (gates)-


  • E3 or Jayanta (67.5° - 79°)
  • E4 or Indra (79° - 90°)


vastu for east facing house, main entrance for east facing house


As you can see in the picture, we have highlighted the most beneficial gates in the green color for an East facing house. (More on Main Gate Vastu - @MainGateVastu)




1- The main entrance in an East facing house should be placed in E3 (Jayanta) or E4 (Indra) Padas. E3 Pada brings in wealth and prosperity and E4 helps you making connections with top level government officials.

2- Keep the North and East side of your house more open than South and West. It provides amazing growth and overall prosperity to the occupants of the house. (Here is the Full Article Link on Money - @MoneyVastu)

3- South-East (SE) is the best option for constructing the kitchen. The kitchen can also be located in the North-West (NW) zone.

4- You can have a Pooja room (prayer room) in the North-East zone since it is considered one of the most sacred and pious vastu zone.

5- The ideal location for an underground water tank is North-North-East (NNE). You can also opt for East-North-East (ENE) direction for the placement of an underground water tank.

6- In any house, living room is generally constructed in the front. Therefore the best location for the living room in an east facing house is East and East-North-East (ENE). North-East is another good option for the construction of the living room.

7- Sun is by far the most important source of almost all life on earth and East is the direction in which sun rises. Therefore, having a garden in the east direction will attract positive energies into your house.

8- Always keep the Brahmasthan (center point of the house) and North-East (NE) zone clean and clutter free.

9- Staircases should always be painted in light colors and shades. Different colors and shades can be used for the stairs, depending on its location.

10- The best location for the master bedroom is South-West zone. The next most preferred zone for the bedroom is south. You may plan to construct the master bedroom in west direction as well. Since we spend almost one-third of our lives in the bedroom, its placement is of utmost importance. Correct location of bedroom helps you harmonize your bedroom with the positive energy.    




1- Avoid constructing your main entrance in E1, E7 and E8 Padas. Placement of your main entrance in theses Padas causes several troubles related to money and health. Especially, E8 should be avoided at any cost because it leads to accidents and financial losses.

2- Septic tank and Toilet must not be placed in the North-East (NE) corner of the house. Placement of a toilet in this zone will cause major health issues like neurological problems, memory loss and even paralysis.

3- Staircase in North-East (NE) is not recommended as per vastu.

4- Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South.

5- The walls in the North and East direction should not be higher and thicker than South and West.

6- The main building structure should not be constructed in the North and East direction. These two directions must be left open as far as possible.

7- According to the rules of vastu shastra, cut in the North-East (NE) corner is a strict no. It is a major vastu defect which must be cured on priority.

8- Avoid dark colors and shades, such as dark red and dark blue, which produce a dreary and gloomy effect.

9- Placement of Master bedroom and kitchen in the North-East zone should be avoided.

10- Having underground water source in the South-West zone is not advisable as it may lead to calamities.

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Harsh Manek

Hello sir, Does this vastu principles of residnential property applicable only for open plots or applicable for individual apartments in highrise towers as well, if not then what principles to follow while choosing apartments in such towers. Regards, Harsh Manek

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Hello Harsh Ji, these vastu principles are universal. They are applicable on individual houses as well as individual apartments in highrise towers. You should follow all the basic vastu rules in the process of selecting an apartment. However, correct main entrance location and toilet [NE toilet is a strict no] location are two of the most important factors that you should always keep in your mind while choosing an apartment.


Ruchi Srivastava

Namaste.... came across your article while searching for some Vaastu tips to improve my house environment and energies. My flat is exactly as in your pic shown but the main door is placed between W7 & W8. So it opens inside towards east...... is there any way to improve financial flow into the house? Also, I was asked to place a red frame mirror across the room facing the main door..... is this good / bad? Will it be good idea to hang a money plant outside the main door?? I have money plants growing in the east - south direction. Hope to hear from you soon! Regards, Ruchi

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Ruchi Ji, W-7 & W-8 entrances are not good. It may cause loss of wealth and general happiness in the family. You should get it rectified. As far as other vastu aspects of your house are concerned, I would need to check the floor plan and only then I can give you appropriate suggestions. NOTE: Merely hanging a money plant outside the main door will not give you positive results. However, having greenery in the east direction is good.


Priyanka Mittal

Hello, i came across your page and it is very detailed and knowledgeable. I am struggling since last 2 years to find vastu compliant house in USA and had to lose so many good houses because of this reason. Is there something i can do about it?


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