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Vastu Tips For Kitchen| Kitchen Vastu|

Sep 13, 2018 . by Sanjay Kudi . 29804 views

Kitchen is the most important room in our house. Kitchen is a place where your day begins and ends. It’s where the food is cooked. But in vastu shastra the importance of kitchen is even more. A kitchen made according to vastu shastra not only gives health benefits but also provides financial gains. 


The Following Type of Kitchen Will Be Compatible With The Vastu-


1- Southeast direction (SE) is the most beneficial direction for making kitchen.

2- Northwest (NW) is the second best place for kitchen construction.

3- The cook should face towards east, while cooking.

4- Keep windows in the north and east direction.

5. There should be an adequate arrangement of light and air in the kitchen. [ Also Read - @Career-Vastu ]

6- Put water related objects (e.g. – Water purifier, wash-basin or sink) in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

7. Keep fire related objects (e.g. - microwave ovens, gas stove, etc.) in southeast corner of the kitchen.

8- Do not place the gas stove in the direction of the wind.

9- Size of the kitchen should be at least 80 sq. ft. or more.

10- Paint the walls of the kitchen with light colors.


vastu tips for kitchen, kitchen vastu



1- Kitchen made in Northeast direction (NE).

2- Kitchen construction in the Brahmasthan (center point of the house) is completely prohibited. Do not make the kitchen here under any circumstances.

3. Even in the south west corner (SW), kitchen construction is not compatible with vastu principles.

4- Do not have kitchen under the stairs.

5- Avoid kitchen construction in front of toilets.

6- Not having enough ventilation for light and air.

7- Making a very small kitchen can cause health problems for women of the house. ( Vastu Tips on Married Life - @Married-Life-Vastu )

8- To keep water related items in the southeast direction of the kitchen is against the vastu principles.

9 - Never face south direction while cooking.

10- Facing the west direction while cooking can lead to health problems to the cook.

11- Having a toilet just above or under the kitchen in a multi-story house would be inauspicious.

12- Never construct the kitchen in north direction as this may lead to serious financial problems.

13- Do not use black, blue color stone for kitchen platform.

Kitchen is one of the most important part of the house, especially for the women who cook in it. Very often people ignore the importance of kitchen while constructing the house and therefore they keep the size of it very small.

According to Vastu Shastra small kitchens, kitchens constructed in a wrong direction, messy and unorganized kitchens have very negative effects on the residents. Kitchen should be given as much importance in the house as you give to other rooms or parts of the house. 

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