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Kitchen Vastu- How to Design a Vastu Compliant Kitchen in 2024

Jan 15, 2021 . by Sanjay Kudi . 63860 views

kitchen vastu
 “The Kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.”
-Mario Batali-
The Kitchen is regarded as one of the most important room for health, wealth and happiness, in vastu shastra. Kitchen is a place where your day begins and ends. It’s where the food is cooked.
But, the kitchen is even more important as per vastu.
Kitchen is the place where the cosmic energy interacts with the Fire. It is a highly active and energized area.
We experience different effects of the kitchen when it is located in different vastu zones. Each of the 16 zones of vastu has different attributes and qualities.
What is Kitchen in Vastu Shastra?
The Kitchen represents the “Fire Element [Agni Tatva].”
And Fire represents the spark, passion and zeal in life. Fire is also defined as a reflection of warmth and intelligence.
Any Vastu Dosha in the zones of fire could disturb the state of Fire element in the house, which may lead to Viprit Agni. And this Viprit Agni is considered harmful for the occupants of the house.  
What is the Importance of the Kitchen in Vastu?
When the kitchen is placed in the appropriate vastu zone of your house, it brings you zeal, strength, money and recognition.
Whereas imbalanced Fire element in a house can cause accidents, thefts, disrepute to the residents of the house. It also drains away the zeal and enthusiasm of a person when it is not in a balanced state.
This is why, the Kitchen is considered very important in Vastu Shastra.
In this article you will learn everything from the direction of the kitchen to the placement of all the important objects as per vastu shastra principles.
The direction of the kitchen is very important. And the reason is simple-
Kitchen located in the correct direction balances the Fire element of the house. And when the Fire element is in a balanced state, it helps you enjoy a prosperous and successful life.
In Vaastu Shastra, there are three zones that contain the Fire element:
-South-East [SE] zone
-South-South-East [SSE] zone
-South zone 
Therefore, kitchen in these zones is considered vastu friendly.
South-East [SE] is the best direction for Kitchen as per vastu.
Another alternative choice for the kitchen is the North-West corner of the house. [Read this- if you have a North-West Kitchen]
Note: Size of the kitchen should not be very small. It should be at least 80 square feet or more. Smaller kitchens have negative impact on the women of the house.
vastu tips for kitchen, kitchen vastu
The gas stove is the most essential kitchen appliance on which you cook. Nowadays, people also use gas hob as an alternative of gas stove.
Both are meant for the same purpose and both symbolizes the same thing- Fire and Kitchen.
According to kitchen vastu tips, a gas stove should always be placed in the South-East direction.
The direction in which a cook faces in the kitchen also affects the taste and flavor of the food. The cook should face towards East direction, when the kitchen is located in the South-East zone.
Note: Do not keep the gas stove right in the corner of the kitchen.
People often get confused when it comes to the placement of a sink or wash-basin in the kitchen. They fear that the sink represents the water element and it could be harmful if it is placed in the direction of fire.
Certainly, the sink is somewhat associated with the water element or Jal Tatva.
In a South-East zone kitchen, you can have the sink in the East-South-East [ESE] zone of the house if it is possible.
Even if it is not doable, you don’t need to worry much, because the location of the sink does not have much impact on the residents.
Note: Other water sources [Pitcher, Water Filter or Purifier etc.] can also be placed in the East or East-South-East zones of the house.
Colors have a significant influence on our lives.
In studies, colors have been found to have effects on the alpha brain waves. When a color is transmitted from the eye to the brain, a hormone is released by the brain which affects our emotions and thoughts.
Similarly, vastu shastra also emphasizes the importance of the appropriate uses of colors in our homes.
The colors used in the kitchen should be very light.
Vastu friendly colors for a South-East Kitchen are light red, baby pink. Lighter shade of orange can also be used as an alternative.
You can use off-white or cream color in a North-West zone kitchen.
Note: Even though the color of fire is red and kitchen is associated with fire, you should avoid using dark shades of red color in the kitchen.
Poor ventilation can cause major health problems for the women or the cook of the kitchen. It directly affects the health of the cook.
Proper ventilation and windows are essential for a safe and clean kitchen environment. There should always be at least one normal size window or air outlets in the kitchen.
The quality of the food also increases when there adequate arrangement of light and air in the kitchen.
Larger size windows can be placed in the Eastern side of the kitchen. You should also have an exhaust fan in the East.
In the North-West zone kitchen, you can have larger windows and exhaust fan in the Northern side of the kitchen. 
Refrigerator can be placed in the south-west direction. However, it is simply impossible to keep the refrigerator in the south-west when the kitchen is in south-east zone. 
The more important thing according to vastu is the colour of the refrigerator. It is comparatively a large object for the kitchen, so its color may have some impact.
The best color for refrigerator is light pink, light red or maroon for a south-east kitchen.
When the kitchen is in North-West, you can choose blue or off-white or white color for the refrigerator.
Note: Avoid placing the refrigerator in the North-East direction of the house.
The storage for all the food grains can be arranged in the South-South-East [SSE] or Southern direction. Avoid the store room or space in the northern part of the house.
SSE is the zone of power and confidence as per Vastu Shastra. The storage or store room in this zone gives a feeling of power and confidence to the residents of the house.
Note: keep the storage always clean and clutter-free. Do not keep the non-essential items there for a long period of time.
As per the principles of the Vastu Shastra the electrical items of the kitchen can be kept in the South-East or South-South-East zones.
Micro-wave ovens, conventional ovens and heaters can be placed in these zones.
In case, these zones are not available, south is another good alternative for this purpose.
1-Kitchen in the North-East direction leads to mental stress and losses. [Read This- North-East Kitchen Vastu Remedies]
2-Kitchen in the South-West direction can disturb the domestic harmony.
3-Kitchen in the North zone of the house is also harmful.
4-Do not store medicines in the kitchen.
5-Avoid blue or black color on the kitchen walls.
6-It is not good to have a kitchen right below the toilet.
7-Do not keep the kitchen dirty. Cleanliness is very important for kitchen.
Q1. Where should I put the dustbin in the kitchen?
Ans. You can keep the dustbin in the East-South-East zone or West-North-West zone. Never keep the dustbin in South-East direction.
Q2. Which colour is good for the kitchen slab or countertop?
Ans. Ideal color for kitchen platforms are off-white, light cream in general. Light pink, light orange or green color can also be used for kitchen slab when the kitchen is in South-East direction.
Q3. Which is the best direction for the dining table?
Ans. You can have the dining table in South direction as well as East direction. Both are considered good for the placement of a dining table according to vastu.
Q4. How to remove or rectify the vastu dosh of kitchen?
Ans. There are various methods for various vastu doshas. It is not advised to use vastu remedies without proper guidance. You should always consult a vastu expert before applying any remedy. 
Kitchen is one of the most important part of the house, especially for the women who cook in it. Very often people ignore the importance of kitchen while constructing the house and therefore they keep the size of it very small.
According to the Vastu Shastra kitchens located in a wrong direction, messy and unorganized kitchens may have very negative effects on the residents.
Therefore, Kitchen should be given as much importance as you give to the other rooms or parts of the house.
Expect Miracles!
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