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Vastu Tips For Dining Room| Dining Room Vastu|

Feb 21, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 23359 views

dining room vastu

“You Are What You Eat”

- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin -


This is a famous quote firstly mentioned by jean anthelme brillat savarin, in 1826, in his book called ‘The Physiology of Taste.’ He wrote, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” Basically what he meant by this is that you could determine someone’s mental, emotional and physical health by what they eat.

In simple words, everything we choose to consume will directly or indirectly affect our brain. For example, studies have shown that consuming too little tryptophan (α-amino acid), which is present in most protein based foods, makes us depressed and angry. Food not only affects your brain, but it also alters the way you behave.

It also becomes very important to find out where to eat because in vastu shastra every place and direction has a certain kind of energy. And this energy not only controls our emotions and behavior, but also affects the quality of food. Let’s take a look and learn vastu tips for dining room.


dining room vastu


To Do’s-


1-  West is the best direction for the dining room in the house.

2-  The second best place to make a dining room is east direction.

3-  Face towards the west, while eating food.

4-  You can also face east, while eating food.

5-  The entrance door to the dining room should be in east.

6-  North is another good option for dining room entrance door.

7-  There should be an adequate arrangement of ventilation for air and light in the dining room.

8-  Place the dining table in the west direction.

9-  The dining table can also be placed in the south and east direction.

10- The shape of the dining table should be either rectangular or square.

11- Put the furniture, heavy items in the south, southwest or west direction of the room.

12- Use the northeast direction of this room to keep water.

13- Washbasin should be made in the north or east direction of the dining room.


best direction for dining room in vastu


What Not To Do-


1-  Never make a dining room in the southwest zone.

2-  The main entrance of the house and the entrance of the dining room should not be in front of each other.

3-  Avoid making toilet near the dining room.

4-  Facing south, while eating is prohibited in vastu.

5-  There should not be any heavy objects or construction above the dining table.

6-  A South-west entrance to the dining room is to be avoided.

7-  Do not put television or any other equipment which disturbs the peace while eating food.

8-  Do not place the dining table exactly adjacent to the wall.

9-  It is prohibited to keep heavy furniture or items in the north, east and North-east direction.

10- Round or circular dining table is not good according to vastu principles.

11- Do not make the washbasin in the South-east.

12- Children should not sit in the South-west corner of the dining table.


 “The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.”

- Tibetan Proverb -

In the modern life we are so occupied with the technology that we lose sight of ourselves and one another. The importance of the dining room is that, by design, its main purpose is gathering everyone around to sit down for a meal. Dining room is something where technology is non-existent and families come together to eat and catch up on each other’s lives. So the importance of a dining room is even more in the technology oriented modern life.

The importance of dining room increases even more when the effects of energies present in the room taken into consideration. Vastu Shastra principles help us to keep the flow of positive energy in the dining room. Therefore, we advise you to take vastu expert’s advice before you make any changes in your dining room.

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