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Vastu Tips For Study Room | Study Room Vastu |

Nov 14, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 27348 views

It is important for students to have a vastu friendly study room. Several case studies have found that the place in which you study affects how you will remember and understand that information.

You can easily differentiate that some study sessions are more effective than the others depending on the space or area where you study. It can be a specific room in your house where you feel more comfortable to concentrate than any other room. So what does it tell you?

It simply tells that you are able to grasp the knowledge and concentrate well in a particular space or a room because of the positive energy flow present in that room. A room surrounded with negative energies will only make you lose your focus and it will also weaken the grasping power of your mind.

A Vastu Compliant Study Room Helps You To Improve These Following Things


· Increase attention span

· Better concentration level

· Increase the grasping power of your mind

· A comfortable and calm place for study

· Strengthen the retention capacity of your brain


Here Are Some Important Vastu Tips For A Study Room


1- West direction of the house is best for a study room.

2- You can also make study room in the northeast or east direction.

3- You should face north or east direction while studying.

4- Books or other study materials should be kept in the south.

5- You can also put your study material in west direction.

6- Use square or rectangular shaped study table.

7- If you use a table lamp while studying, keep it in the southeast corner of the table.

8- Do not use dark colors, abstract or negative paintings on the walls.

9- The entrance of the study room should be in the east (90°) or north (0°) direction.

10- The entrance door can also be made in northeast (45°) or west (270°) direction.

11- There must be adequate ventilation in the room for sun light and air.

12- The computer of laptop can be placed in the southeast corner of the table.


study room vastu, vastu tips for study room


What Not To Do


1- Do not make study room in southwest.

2- Northwest direction is not at all good for the entrance door of the study room.

3- Southwest and southeast directions are also not vastu compliant for the entrance door.

4- There must not be any beam or heavy objects above the study table.

5- Do not make a book shelf just above the study table.

6- Northwest direction is also not good for bookshelf.

7- Keep some distance between the wall and the study table.

8- Do not construct a toilet attached to the study room.

You can make a great study room by applying these important vastu rules. A study room made according to the above mentioned vastu principles will not only sharpen the concentration level, but also make it easier for you to grasp the knowledge and retain it for a long period of time. 

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