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Vastu Tips For Prayer Room| Pooja Room Vastu|

Apr 18, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 40762 views

pooja room vastu

The house of worship or the place of prayer is the most sacred place in the house. Therefore, to maintain its purity, we should also make proper arrangements. Vastu Shastra will prove to be the most helpful for you in this.

No matter which religion you believe in, the laws of Vastu are applicable to everyone and everywhere because these are universal laws that are designed to balance and harmonize the cosmic energy. Therefore, by following the principles of Vastu, you can make the place of worship in your house filled with positive energy.

Prayer Room Vastu Tips-


1-  Northeast is the perfect direction for the prayer room.

2-  Prayer room can also be made in the east direction of the house.

3-  North direction would be the third best option for a prayer room.

4-  While worshiping one should always face east.

5-  You can also face in the north direction while worshipping.

6-  Pyramid shaped ceiling can be made for the prayer room.

7-  Keep the room clean.

8-  The door for this room should be in the east or north direction.

9-  Place the candle, Deepak (lamp) or any fire related object in the southeast corner of the room.

10- Brahmasthan (center of the house) of the prayer room must be always empty and clean.

11- Place a green plant in the north or east direction.

12- There should be proper ventilation for air and light.

13- Religious texts and the materials of worship should be placed in the south or west direction.


pooja rooma vastu tips


What You Must Avoid-


1-  Do not make prayer room in the southwest zone of the house.

2-  South direction is also not good for the worship room.

3-  Do not put the idols right in front of the entrance.

4-  Never keep broken and dilapidated idols.

5-  Do not keep idols brought from ancient temples in your prayer room.

6-  Having pictures of war, animals, birds or Mahabharata in the room is not at all good in vastu shastra.

7-  Constructing anything or placing any heavy objects in the Brahmasthan of the room attracts negativity.

8-  Do not keep idols in heavy numbers.

9-  Never put a very large idol in the house.

10- Worshipping in the bedroom is not acceptable in vastu.

Meditation, worshipping are very sacred works which must be performed in a particular place and that place should not be used for any other purpose. Because when you meditate daily at a particular place, you attract certain type of positive energies, but this will happen only if that prayer room is made according to vastu principles.

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West facing plot can I have bed room in north- east direction sir

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Raja Ji, North-East direction bedroom is not suggested as per vastu. It is not good especially for the married couples and owner of the house.



West facing house. There is a room in northeast. Last room of the house. Can I use as pooja room. Also plan to have small store and place washing machine.


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