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North-West Kitchen Vastu: [Everything that you need to know]

May 02, 2021 . by Sanjay Kudi . 138228 views

North West Kitchen Vastu
What results do you get when you have a kitchen in the North-West [NW] direction of your house?
I am sure you can relate to this question if you also have a northwest kitchen.
There are many opinions about this topic. Some experts claim that NW is an auspicious direction for the kitchen and some ‘experts’ oppose this opinion as well.
This article will clear all your doubts about a North-West kitchen with the help of some very basic Vastu Shastra Principles.
So, let’s begin.
North-West direction is the meeting point of the North and the West.
It is also known as Vayavya Kona.
North west direction kitchen
Deity of the North-West: Vayu [the god of wind]
Planet of the North-West: Chandra [the Moon]
Guna [Quality] of the North-West: Rajas
As per the rules of vastu shastra North-West is located between 304°-326° on a compass.
North-West is associated with the Moon which has a restless temperament. Moon is also related with the movement and the dispersal of goods.
The feminine quality of moon has an impact on women’s health. It also influences nerves, brain, bladder, body fluids etc.
If the northwest zone of moon emits inauspicious energy, it can lead to mental instability and ailments such as asthma, dysentery, gynecological problems etc. 
Hence, it is an important zone in vaastu shastra.
North-West is a well suited direction for the purpose of cooking and placing the objects of kitchen.
If you are planning to construct a house, the ideal location for the kitchen would be South-East, South-South-East and South. Because the combination of fire element and mars planet is present in these directions.
This combination helps the activities of kitchen in a positive and yields good results for the family residing in such a home.
But, you need to take care of one important thing when you have a kitchen in the North-West zone-
Keep the gas stove and other heating objects in the North-West zone of the house. [Not the south-east zone of the kitchen. You should only consider the zones of your house, not the zones of individual rooms.]
North-West [NW] is the zone of support and banking as per vastu.
So, when a vastu compliant activity is done in this zone, you will always have the support of your known people when you need it the most.
Kitchen is definitely a vastu friendly room in the northwest direction.
It will also have a positive influence on the health of the residence, especially the women of the house.
Having a kitchen in the correct location is not sufficient to avoid vastu doshas.
For instance, you may have to face major career issues- if you place your gas stove in the North zone of your house, instead of the North-West zone.
In the picture below, you can see the appropriate zone of the gas stove in the North West kitchen vastu plan-
north west kitchen vastu dosh
Apart from that this following vastu doshas can be present in a North-West Kitchen-
1-Wrong Color [Anti-element color] on the kitchen walls
2-Wrong Color [Anti-element color] on the kitchen slab
3-Not enough ventilations may also cause health problems
Generally there is no need of any remedy or rectification when it comes to a North-West kitchen. But, as it has been explained that some vastu defects may be present even when the kitchen is in a vastu compliant direction.
There are a few tips and remedies when there is a vastu dosh in a North-West Kitchen-
Use cream, off-white color on kitchen walls. The colors should always be in lighter shades.
The kitchen counter top should also be in the above-mentioned colors. It would be even better if you have another alternative for a granite kitchen slab.
Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free as much as possible. It is the zone of support. So, one should always keep this zone clear of clutter to get support in the time of need.
Since, there is no kitchen in the South-East zone of your house, you should be careful that any activity related to water element should be avoided there.   
Keep the dustbin of the kitchen in the West-North-West [WNW] zone.
These are simple and easy vastu tips you can apply in your kitchen. You can also consult a vastu expert if you still have any doubts.
Q1. What are the vastu remedies for a North-West kitchen?
Ans. You don’t need any remedy for a North-West kitchen. It is a good location for the purpose of cooking. North-West kitchen does not have ill effects on residents. In fact, it yields beneficial results for the family.
Q2. Is North-West the best location for a Kitchen according to vastu?
Ans. The best location for the kitchen are South-East, South-South-East and South. If you don’t have these options available, then you can certainly opt for a North-West kitchen too. It is also a good zone, if not the best. 
In conclusion, you don’t need to worry, if your kitchen is not in the Ideal location of south-east. Because, generally no house is perfect. And that’s normal.
Unless your kitchen is not in the anti-element zone, and there are no major vastu doshas in your house, the vastu of your house would be considered good.
Kitchen in northwest will generally produce good results.
In case of any confusion or doubts, you can always consult a vastu expert.
Expect Miracles!
If you like the article, share it for the benefit of others. Thank You!!!

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