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Vastu Tips For Store Room| Store Room Vastu|

Dec 25, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 24285 views

store room vastu

The main purpose of the store room is to accumulate extra commodities and various household articles likely to be used in the future.

It is often seen that the Storeroom is not given as much preference in the house plan as other rooms. But, a store room located in the wrong direction can be harmful for the residents.

For instance, store room represents the Earth element and if the store room is located in a direction where earth element is considered as an anti-element, then it will imbalance that specific direction. 

So in order to get positive results you need to follow all the vastu guidelines very carefully for a store room.  


store room vastu


Here are some important vastu guidelines for a store room-


1- The food items, grains and household items can be placed in the Northwest zone.

2- Another vastu compliant zone for the storeroom is Southwest zone. Apart from food and grains you can also store heavy items in this zone.

3- The junk store room can be made in the East-Southeast (ESE), South-Southwest (SSW) and West-Northwest (WNW) zones.

4- Storeroom should be in rectangular or square shape only.

5- The door of this room can be constructed in the North or East directions.

6- Annual stock of granary must be stored in the Southwest (SW) zone.

7- Daily use grains can be kept in the Northwest (NW) direction.

8- There must be proper cross ventilation for air and sunlight in the storeroom to maintain the freshness of the food and grains.

9- All the objects that represent the fire element (e.g. cylinders) should be placed in the Southeast (SE) corner of the storeroom.

10- The colors used in the storeroom should be shades of light yellow, off-white, or light cream, depending on the location of it.


best direction for store room


Storeroom vastu – What to avoid-


1- The storeroom is not advisable in the North zone as it may hamper the growth of career and the cash inflow.

2- Storeroom in east direction is also not recommended as per vastu as it may have adverse effects on your social associations.

3- Never keep the entrance door of the storeroom in the Southwest.

4- Vastu prohibits irregularly shaped storeroom.

5- Any kind of empty container in this room must be avoided.

6- Never sleep in the storeroom as it is considered bad for health.

7- Color for the storeroom should be according to the zone it is located in, but make sure to avoid darker shades.

Unquestionably, the storeroom has become a necessity in present times that can either spread negativity or positivity, depending on the direction of the store room and the location of the objects placed in it. But you are advised to consult an experienced vastu expert for the store room vastu.


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