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Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life| Vastu For Enjoying Family Harmony|

Apr 23, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 50539 views

vastu tips happy married life

Marriage is a sacred bond between two souls. There is a saying, “the relationship of wife and husband should be like fish and water - not like fish and fisherman.”

There must be love, trust, care, emotional connection and understanding between the couple for a happy married life.

According to vastu shastra location of different rooms (e.g., bedroom, kitchen), color and activity in your house, the placement of each and every object have a deep impact on your subconscious mind. This impact on your powerful subconscious mind generates specific emotions.

For instance, if you place your marriage photographs and albums in the Southwest (SW) zone, it attracts care, love, understanding and harmony in your married life. That is why this Southwest zone is called the zone of love, relationship and skills.

You need to understand that there is a very deep connection between your home architecture and its effect on your emotions. The vastu of your home can generate both positive as well as negative emotions, depending on the kind of energy it is attracting.

Vastu shastra is the very science of understanding the effect of your surroundings on your emotions.

The state of your relationship with your partner very often reflect the energy of your home. A vastu compliant home creates desired emotions in your or your partner’s mind, attracting more happiness and love in your married life.


Here are some Secret Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life–


1- Best Vastu Zone For The Bedroom of Married Couples-


bedroom vastu for newly married couple


According to vastu shastra, it is advised to have the master bedroom in the South-West (SW) zone for the couples. South-West zone brings positivity to the relationship, enhances mutual understanding and most importantly this place provides stability to the marital life.

If southwest zone has vastu defects, then it will affect your marital life. It will not only spoil your married life, but the harmony and the bonding of family will also be disturbed. So presence of any vastu defect must be removed through SecretVastu remedies. It will restore the family harmony.

Another good option for the bedroom is North-North-West (NNW). This zone is especially good for newly married couples. NNW is the zone of attraction (Rati). The energies present in this zone affects both mind as well as body, which helps in strengthening the bond between the husband and wife.

When this zone is vastu compliant, the couples will enjoy a long lasting bond. Therefore, this zone is called the zone of marital bliss.

In case, these zones are not available; then the next best zones for the bedroom are South and West. Apart from this, the arrangement of the bed should be such that your head is towards the south direction while sleeping.

Bedroom located in the South-East zone is considered negative for the married couples. It will give unnecessary aggressiveness in nature, which will lead to constant quarrels between couples. So the bedroom is not at all recommended in the South-East zone.

Avoid having a bedroom in the North-East corner of the house. According to vastu principles, it is a major flow that can cause trouble in the married life, which in many cases have resulted in separation or divorce.  (Click Here to Read More on Bedroom Vastu - @BedroomVastu)


2- Effect Of Bedroom Colors On Our Mood, Emotions And Happiness-


Color is electromagnetic energy which has its own magnetic frequency. Every color has a wavelength and each of these can affect your neurological pathways in the brain in different ways and they can create a biochemical response. 

When it comes to the effect of a bedroom’s color on your married life, you need to understand that color of the walls of a bedroom create an atmosphere that deeply influences the emotions and thoughts of an individual living in that atmosphere.

Vastu shastra helps you to choose the best color combination for your house so that you can live happy and healthy life. There are total 16 vastu zones and when each color is in its proper vastu zone, it emanates positive and blissful energy.  (Learn More About Color Vastu - @ColorVastu)

Here are the appropriate bedroom colors according to the vastu zones–

  • South-West Bedroom [Yellow Color]
  • North-North-West Bedroom [Blue Color]
  • South [Pink Color]
  • West-South-West [Off White, Grey, Cream Color]


Make sure to use soothing and light shades of the color you choose. 


3- Importance of Furniture-


Wood is considered good as per vastu. Make sure that the furniture items (e.g. Bed, Dressing table, Study table, Amirah, and TV unit) placed in the bedroom are made up of wood. Especially the bed for the married couple should be made up of wood.

Metal beds are not recommended according to vastu. The shape of the bed must be square or rectangular (Length to width ratio is maximum 1:2). Ideally, single mattress should be used on beds.


4- Placement of Mirrors and Dressing Table-


Mirror plays an important role in vastu shastra. It is considered one of the best and easiest remedy tool to use.

Primarily mirror can be used in two ways-

  • To remove the negative effect of cut in any direction by using it as a medium for the extension of that direction.
  • It (smaller mirrors) can be used as a water element to balance the energy of any particular zone.  


Right placement of mirror in a bedroom is considered crucial for marital bliss. For instance, placing the dressing table or mirror in the South-West (SW) direction of the bedroom can lead to frequent quarrels and over expectations in relationships.

A mirror in the South-East (SE) zone is like having two anti-elements at one place. Mirror represents water element, whereas South-East is the zone of fire. So placing a mirror (water element) in the zone of fire will cause severe imbalance in the energy of South-East direction.

There are two perfect directions for the placement of the mirror-

  • North
  • East


5- Painting And Decorative Posters Effect-


Paintings and decorative posters play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a bedroom. But, according to vastu shastra paintings can have positive as well as negative impact on the marital life, depending on the type and location of it. Before choosing any painting for your house, you need to remember two important things-

  • Type of painting
  • Direction and location of painting


Type of Paintings and posters you should avoid-

  • Avoid paintings depicting loneliness, anger or any other negative emotions.
  • Never hang Violent or depressing paintings.
  • Do not hang pictures that depicts war and any kind of conflict.
  • Abstract paintings should not be displayed in your home as they create anxiety and stress.


Direction and types of paintings we need to consider to leverage maximum positive effects are:

  • Picture of greenery (North Zone) for career growth.
  • Husband and Wife Photo (South-West Zone) for marital bliss.
  • Happy family painting (South-West Zone) for family harmony.
  • Painting depicting water (North Zone)
  • Picture of mountains (South or South-West Zone)
  • Paintings of fruits bring positive energy in your house


Any painting that create a negative atmosphere in your home must be avoided. Paintings should always be bought for creating a pleasant ambiance at your home. Right combination of direction and beautiful paintings will be extremely beneficial for your married life. (Article Link For Career Vastu - @CareerVastu)


Some Other Important Secret Vastu Tips For A Blissful Marital Life-


1- South-West is the zone of relationships and construction of toilet in this zone will spoil the husband-wife relationship. Sometimes, it leads to extra marital affairs also. Emotionally they will be unwilling to live with each-other. So never construct toilet in the South-West zone.

2- Kitchen represents fire element and it should not be located in the North-East (NE) zone of water element. This will destroy family harmony.

3- If a plot has South-East extension then it will cause frequent quarrel in the family. This is a major vastu defect which should be removed as soon as possible.

In conclusion, making your house plan according to vastu principles helps you improve the balance of your marital life and positive energy circulation in your home. For a successful marriage, your home must be vastu compliant. 

(Click Here To Read All Articles on House Vastu - @HouseVastu)


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