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South Facing House Vastu| Everything You Need To Know|

Jun 30, 2018 . by Sanjay Kudi . 124654 views

South facing house vastu tips
South facing house has always been a very controversial subject in vastu. Generally, south direction is not considered a good option when it comes to purchasing a house.
However, this is perhaps one of the biggest myth in vastu that a south facing house is highly inauspicious because it brings bad-luck. In reality, there are no such bad or negative directions in vastu. 
A south facing home can bring immense prosperity and success like all the other directions, if you follow the vastu principles properly.
This article is for you if you are considering to buy a south facing plot to make your house because it will explain and clarify all your doubts regarding this subject.
This article will serve you as a comprehensive guide for a South facing house.
What are some common myths about south facing house vastu?
Due to a lack of understanding or misinterpretation of the ancient text of Vastu Shastra, there are lots of suspicions and myths that are prevailing in the field of vastu. Here are some of the common myths about a south facing house:
Myth No. 1- It leads to severe financial losses
Myth No. 2- Causes anxiety and depression
Myth No. 3- Leads to illness and chronic diseases
Myth No. 4- Recurrence of frequent accidents
Myth No. 5- Obstacles in success and prosperity
Myth No. 6- One should not purchase a south facing house even for free.
All these are just myths. South facing house doesn't mean despair and misfortunes. In fact, various vastu case studies have shown that many successful businesses occupy South facing properties.  
If your house is facing south and it is constructed as per the vastu guidelines, then it is bound to be incredibly advantageous and auspicious.
Is it a good option for buying a house?
For some people south can be the best direction to build a house.
However, there are many aspects which needs to be considered before buying any property.
Your profession and astrological birth chart is amongst the other things that plays an important role in it.
A south facing house will suit more to people of some particular professions. [We will discuss this topic later in this article]
There is no doubt that it takes more effort and carefulness to follow all the important vastu rules in a south facing property. But, with proper guidance anyone can do it on their own. So, let’s take a look at the vastu for a south facing house-
As per the vastu shastra ‘the facing of a house’ refers to the direction in which the main entrance of a house is located.
In other words, the facing of a house is the direction in which you face while stepping out of the main entrance of your house.
So, if you are facing south direction while going out of the main entrance, it will be considered a south facing house.
what is a south facing house according to vastu
When it comes to a south facing property, one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration is the main entrance of the house.
It is the main entrance from where the cosmic energy enters into a house which plays a vital role in the lives of the occupants of that house. Hence, it is the very first step to identify the house orientation in order to make it vastu compliant. [Read More- Main Entrance Vastu]
Finding the facing of your house is extremely important as a difference of even 3-4 degrees will make the entire calculation of 16 vastu zones inaccurate and then it will be difficult for you to find out the root cause of the problems.
Finding the accurate facing of the house is not a rocket science. All you need to do is to follow these steps:
First of all, stand outside of the main entrance of your house with house at your back and the compass in your hand. Stand with your back parallel to the house.
Hold the compass flat (horizontally) on your palm in front of your chest.
Now, let the compass needle (usually a red or green colored orienting arrow) float freely until the zero degree mark on the compass and the North end of the needle are aligned. It will determine the magnetic North.
After confirming the magnetic North, write down the direction which you are facing. You will now have an accurate facing.
While Using A Compass, Make Sure To Remember The Following:
1-Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass
2-Remove all jewellery on hands
3-Hold the compass at waist level
4-In order to determine the accurate direction, take at least 3-4 readings in and outside the property and confirm the one which you get the maximum number of times.
The main entrance of the house holds a very important place in the vastu. It connects a home to the cosmic consciousness. Since it is the main entry point for the cosmic energy into any building, it plays a vital role in the lives of the inhabitants of that building.
An entrance in the SW [South-West] corner of the house should always be avoided.
According to vastu shastra there are 32 gates out of which 9 gates are considered very auspicious and 2 out of these 9 gates are located in the South direction.
The main entrance of any South facing house should be located in the following Padas (gates)-
S3 or Vitatha (157.5° - 169°)
S4 or Grihrakshita (169° - 180°)
main entrance location for south facing house
As you can see in the picture, we have highlighted the most beneficial gates in pink color for a South facing house. [Read more- Finding The Direction of Your House Easily]
It can be immensely favorable for some people to live in a south facing house, if four things are properly followed:
1-Main entrance location in the S3 or S4 padas.
2-Vastu compliant locations for main rooms and things.
3-Proper Placement of various important objects.
4-Vastu compliant colors and balance of the five elements in our living space.
Business owners can get good success with such a property. Especially, it will provide them fame and branding for their business. People living in such vastu friendly houses gets prosperity and fame.
Nothing in this nature is perfect and south facing houses are no exceptions. There are some disadvantages of a south facing house which are as follows:
1-It is a bit difficult to build a vastu friendly house and balance the five elements in a south facing property.
2-The sun light that a south facing house receives is somewhat harmful for the human body.
3-In small properties, it will be difficult to locate underground water tank and septic tanks in the right directions.
1-Two very auspicious entrances in South-
The thing that makes or breaks the house is the placement of the main entrance. The main entrance of the house must be constructed in S3 (Vitatha) or S4 (Grihrakshita) Pada. This will help you get immense success and prosperity.
2-Open and constructed area of the house-
Make sure to construct the main building structure in the South and West direction. Southern and Western part of the house must be heavier than the Northern and Eastern direction. North and East directions should be left open as far as possible.
3-Hight of walls according to the directions-
Keep the walls in South and West higher and thicker than North and East. It will have positive impact on the occupants of the house.
4-Right direction for the slope of the Plot-
A plot which has a slope towards North, North-East (NE), and East, is considered advantageous and favorable for the occupants of the house. It ensures the positive flow of the energy. [Read More- How to Attract Money Vastu]
5-Ideal location for the master bedroom-
According to the rules of vastu shastra, the ideal location for the master bedroom is South-West (SW). You can also make your bedroom in South and West zones.
6-Best vastu zone for the kitchen-
The best zone for the kitchen is South-East (SE). In case, this zone is not available; then the next most suitable zone is North-West (NW).
7-Location of the children bedroom-
For the betterment of children, their study room or bedroom can be placed in the West, East or West-South-West (WSW) directions.
8-Well suited vastu zone for a pooja room-
Make a Pooja room (prayer room) in East-North-East (ENE).  In traditional vastu, NE [North-East] is also considered a good place for pooja room.
9-Placement of stairs in the right direction-
Noncompliance of stairs with the vastu principles is a major and a very serious defect. Keeping this in view, the stairs can be constructed in the south and west direction (inside the house). You may plan to construct the staircase in North-North-West (NNW) as well.  
1-Inauspicious main entrances-
Under no circumstance should you locate your main entrance in S5, S6, S7 or S8. Entrances in these Padas are considered very ominous. Such houses never let its inhabitants prosper in any manner.
2-Underground water tank location-
Avoid having an underground water tank in the South-West corner of the house.
3-Cut or extension in a plot-
A plot with a cut or extension in the South-West corner is a strict no and it must be cured on priority to avoid its severe impact. 
4-Color on walls in a south facing house-
Blue or black color in the South-West (SW) zone is not recommended as per vastu guidelines. It will create imbalance in this vastu zone, which will affect your relationship and skills.
5-Negative location for the master bedroom-
Master bedroom in the North-East is not considered good for the head of the family.
6-Not good location for a guest bedroom and kitchen-
Guest bedroom or kitchen should not be constructed in the South-West zone.
7-Open space in a plot-
There should not be more open space in south than North or East side.
Though it is a bit difficult to make an ideal floor plan for a south facing house. But, with a few precautions you can certainly create a vastu friendly design for your south facing house.
We have made a drawing of a south facing house. Things that we have taken into consideration while making this drawing are-
Plot Facing South
Plot Size 30×40 [1200 sq. ft.]
Area  Only Constructed
Bedroom 2
Drawing Room 1
Kitchen 1
Toilet/Bathroom 1
Family Lounge 1
Dining Space Available 
Firstly, we will take a look at the floor plan without the gridding of 16 vastu zones on it.


30×40 south facing house plan with vastu

Now, in the following image you can see the 16 zones vastu gridding on this floor plan-
vastu gridding of 16 zones on south facing house floor plan
As you can see in the 16 vastu zones gridding of the house that the location of all the rooms and activities are according to the principles stated in Vastu Shastra. You can save this drawing of the south facing house and re-create a similar drawing for a larger or smaller house. 
In general, a vastu compliant south facing house provides very good results to the inhabitants of the house. You need to keep a few important vastu rules in mind before you begin the process of plot selection.
Each direction is more advantageous for certain people. It all depends on the profession of a person and the attributes of a particular direction.
A south facing house can be very fruitful, if it's attributes matches with the profession of the person residing there.
Zodiac signs and astrological birth chart of a person also play a vital role while choosing a residential property.
For instance, south direction is ruled by the planet Mars. Hence, it is good for all the businesses and industries that associates with the planet mars.
People working in real estate or involved in any industry related to the fire element will gain more benefit from a south facing property.
People from the following professions and industries can buy a south facing property:
-Police [IPS personals]
-Military and Paramilitary force
-Entertainment Industry [Actors, Dancers, Musicians etc.]
-Property deals and real estate agents
-Medical professions [Surgeons and nurses]
No. 1-
Main entrance in S-1, S-5, S-6, S-7 and S-8 padas.
No. 2-
A cut or extension in SW [South-West] direction.
No. 3-
Slope in SW [South-West] direction.
No. 4-
Underground septic tank or underground water tank in SW [South-West].
No. 1-
Main entrance in negative padas can be blocked with metal strips.
No. 2-
A cut in SW direction can be rectified with the use of specific colors and lights.
No. 3-
Underground septic tank can be rectified with the help of vastu pyramid strips.
All the above mentioned remedies should be applied under the guidance of a vastu expert.
Question: Is south facing house good?
Answer: Yes, a south facing house can be very good if all the important vastu principles are followed.
Question: Is a south facing flat bad?
Answer: No, but you might need some vastu rectification.
Question: Is south facing entrance good?
Answer: There are 8 possible entrances in south. S3 and S4 are the best entrances.
Question: Is there any vastu remedy for a negative south entrance?
Answer: Yes, negative south entrances can be rectified with vastu remedies.
Question: Can we live in a south facing house happily?
Answer: Definitely, you can live in a south facing house happily. Just make sure that there aren’t any major vastu defects.
Question: Is a garden in south direction good?
Answer: A garden is not considered good in south. Especially, SW [South-West] direction should be avoided for the purpose of a garden.
Question: What if a south facing flat is not vastu compliant?
Answer: South facing flat can be made vastu compliant. You can consult with a vastu expert regarding this.
South facing houses can lead a person to immense prosperity and fame. The only thing that you need to take care of is the vastu of your house. Every direction for a house facing is auspicious, if you follow the rules as stated in vastu shastra with proper guidance. [Read More- Vastu Tips For House
So don’t do by the myth that a south facing house or property is inauspicious.

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