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Vastu Tips For Guest Room| Guest Room Vastu|

Aug 24, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 24674 views

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In India a guest is addressed as Atithi which is a Sanskrit word. Tithi means a date and Atithi means without a fixed calendrical time.

There was a time when people used to visit their relatives and friends unannounced as there were no means of communication. Hence, an unexpected guest is called atithi, literally meaning “without a set time.” In Indian culture, people pay the highest regard to their guests and value hospitality. 

So, the guest room becomes a very important part of the house. But, if the guest room is not made according to the vastu principles, your guests can become dominating and even disturb the peace of your house.

Therefore, the guest room, just like any other room, needs to follow the right vastu.


Here Are Some Very Important Vaste Tips For The Guest Room-


1-  Northwest is considered the best direction for a guest room.

2-  Guest room can also be made in the southeast zone of the house.

3-  You can construct the guest room in the south direction as well.

4-  Bed should be placed in the southwest direction of the room.

5-  Bed can also be placed in the northwest corner.

6-  Place the bed in such a way that guests sleep with their head towards the south or east direction. 

7-  Wardrobe and heavy furniture should be constructed in the south, southwest or west direction of the room.


best directions for guest room vastu, drawing room vastu


What Not To Do-


1-  Never make the guest room in the southwest zone because it is meant for the Head of the Family only. So constructing a guest room in the southwest is a great mistake.

2-  Northeast is also not suitable for the guest room.

3-  Guest room should not be constructed above the basement or any water body.

4-  Do not arrange the bed in such a way that the head of the guest is towards the north direction while sleeping.

5-  There should not be any beam above the bed.

6-  The entrance door for the guest room should not be made in the southwest direction.

Your guest room is as much important as any other room in your house. So you should follow all the vastu guidelines when it comes to the guest room. 


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