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Vastu Tips For Children Bedroom| Children Bedroom Vastu|

May 06, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 43975 views

children bedroom vastu

Each child is born with such great possibilities and potential that if he is allowed and helped to grow his individuality without and hindrance from others, we will have a beautiful world.

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kids bedroom vastu tips


Children’s bedroom made as per vastu principles ensures that the whole ambiance contributes to your child’s all round development. In order to develop your children’s talent and skills or to give him/her a pleasant atmosphere, their bedroom must be vastu compliant.

We need to always remember that the subconscious mind of a child is extremely vulnerable and very receptive to their surroundings. The subconscious mind is always active throughout the day, whether you are awake or asleep.

The energies present in your bedroom affects it constantly, even when you are not aware of it. It becomes more sensitive when it comes to the children. So a room made according to vastu shastra rules attracts positive energies towards it which has a positive impact on your child’s brain.  [ Also Read - @Career-Vastu ]

To make a child's bedroom, which is harmonious with the cosmic energies, you need to follow some very important vastu shastra rules. It includes the location of the bedroom and proper placement of some basic things such as study table, bed, window, door and so on.

So let’s take a look at the vastu rules that you must follow while constructing the bedroom or before making any changes in it.


Here Are Some Important Vastu Tips For Children's Bedroom-


1- West-Southwest (WSW) and West are the two best directions for children’s bedroom.

2- Apart from that east is also a good option for children bedroom.

3- Keep the bed in the southwest corner of the room.

4- Place the bed at some distance from the wall.

5- Children should sleep with their head towards south.

6- They can also sleep with their head towards east direction.

7- The entrance of the room should be kept in the north direction.

8- East is another good option for the entrance door of the room.

9- Study table should be kept in the east.

10- North and Northeast direction can also be used to place the study table.

11- Face should be kept towards east or northeast while studying.

12- Heavy Furniture should be placed in the south, west or the southwest zone.

13- Keep the furniture and the bed slightly away from the walls.

14- Computers and laptops can be placed in the southeast corner.

15- Keep the television in the north direction of the bedroom.

16- Brahmasthan (center point of the room) must be kept clean and no heavy objects should be placed there.

17- Use only light colors on the walls of the room.


best directions for kids bedroom


Things You Must Avoid-


1- Never make children’s bedroom in the southwest zone.

2- Southeast zone is also not auspicious for children’s bedroom.

3- The door of the bedroom should not be right in front of the bed.

4- Entrance of the room in southeast and southwest directions are not considered good at all.

5- Having any heavy objects in North, Northeast zone or Brahmasthan (center of the room) is against vastu rules.

6- Do not place mirrors in the bedroom. (especially not in front of the bed)

7- Using dark colors on the walls is also not good.

8- Do not put negative pictures on the walls.

Every child is born with unlimited possibilities and talent. We just need to provide them proper environment to develop their talent. And vastu compliant bedroom can be immensely helpful in this.

As children are relatively more receptive and vulnerable, we should take adequate precautions about the kind of energy children are surrounded with. If the place where they sleep, where they spend most of their time, is full of positive energy, then it will also have positive effects on them.

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