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Factory Plot Vastu: A Complete Guide [2024]

May 19, 2021 . by Sanjay Kudi . 17222 views

Vastu for factory plot
You must be wondering how the vastu of your factory plot can bring positive changes. And what kind of impact can an industrial land have on your business?
Well, according to vastu shastra the first and the most important thing to make any land vastu compliant is the plot.
As Plato once said, “the beginning is the most important part of the work.”
Vastu Shastra principles are designed to guide you to build a successful and prosperous organization. They help you to utilize the infinite power of this Mother Nature to create a thriving business venture. 
This article for factory plot will be a helpful guide for you to search a plot with positive vibes.
The ancient Indian science of architecture ‘Vastu’ analyses each part of any structure at an individual level and then combine these into the total structure.
First part of this evaluation is the plot itself.
First step in the right direction allows you to see further in that direction. But, if the beginning is wrong then you might end up at the wrong destination.
Hence, a vastu friendly plot becomes very important and helpful when it comes to the vastu compliant construction of a factory.
There are many advantages when a factory is constructed on a vastu compliant plot. Some of these advantage are-
1-Increased productivity
2-Completion of projects on time
3-No sudden breakdown of Machines
4-Increased Sales
5-Helpful in creating a Brand
6-Better coordination with the staff and the workers
Whereas if the plot is not as per the vastu rules, then it might cause heavy debts, accidents, constant breakdown of machines, fewer opportunities to expand the business.
There are specific type of activities associated with each type of industry. And for each of these activities there are relevant vastu zones and directions which help them in their growth.
For instance, a chemical plant unit will flourish well when it receives sun rays from the South-South-West [SSW] zone throughout the year.
Edible oil mills works well in the South-South-East [SSE] zone of the house. Because this zone has a combined effect of Venus and Mars planet. And they help in extraction of oil with proper nutrition value.
South and West direction are good for a Cement Industry. Because Saturn governs cement as a building material and Mars governs the formation of cement as a chemical.
In the same way each industry has a specific direction or vastu zone that governs its specific and main activity.
The plot of the factory is well suited or not could be determined through its soil inspection. The soil of a land can be categorized for residential, commercial or industrial purposes according to its quality.
The soil can be examined by its smell, colour or taste.
If the soil emits a pleasant smell the land will be considered auspicious. If the colour of the soil is black and has a bad odor, it will not be suitable for any activity.
If you find bricks, stones or auspicious metals while excavations, the plot will give good results to its owner.
According to the industrial vastu, a factory plot sloping towards North, North-East or East direction is considered good.
There is a reason behind this vastu principle.
Actually, the natural flow of the earth’s magnetic energy is from the North-East to the South-West. Therefore, a slope from the south to north or north east direction helps you take the full advantage of this magnetic energy flow.
So, always make sure to keep the land elevated from the Southern and Western sides and keep it lower from the Northern and Eastern sides for the overall growth of your business.  
A land or plot meant for a factory should generally be rectangular or square in shape.
A rectangular plot is good when the width and length ratio is no more than 1:2.
Some other shapes that are not well suited for an industry are:
-Oval shape plots
-Triangular Plots
-Or any unsymmetrical plot
Generally, a plot with missing corner (s) or extensions should be avoided.
There are two types of water tanks. First is underground water tank and second is overhead water tank.
Underground water tank is a water element. So it is good to have this in North, North-East or East-North-East directions.
And overhead water tank should be placed in the West direction. If this is not available you can also place it in North-West or West-North-West zones.
1-It is recommended to buy a plot according to the attributes of the industry. Because certain type of industries thrive better in certain directions and certain vastu zones.
2-Each direction is good but for different activities. So make sure what kind of activity is going to be performed in your factory and choose the facing of the plot accordingly.
3-There should be an appropriate balance of the five elements in your factory. Keep that in mind while choosing the plot.
4-One of the most important thing in the factory vastu is the main entrance. An auspicious main entrance can be the first step on the path to success in your business.
5-A plot which is surrounded by greenery is considered good as per vastu shastra. Surroundings of a plot should also be positive.
6-Any plot which has tall or high rise buildings in the North-East part or large water bodies in the South-West part should be avoided.
7-T junction plots could result in heavy losses to business owner. To avoid frequent obstacles such a plot should not be purchased.
Q. Is the vastu for industries and residences different from each other?
Ans. The basic principles of industrial vastu and residential vastu are somewhat same. But, the analysis of vastu rules for an industrial property needs more experience as well as the knowledge of the related industry.
Q. Does the surrounding of a plot also have its effects?
Ans. Certainly, it does have negative impact. Sometimes people only emphasizes on the internal environment of a property. But, the external environment and the surroundings of your plot is also very important.
You should avoid a land or plot which have any kind of negative surroundings. 
Q. Can a plot be rectified which has vastu defects?
Ans. Yes, generally any plot can be rectified which has vastu doshas. It is advised to consult a vastu expert before applying any vastu remedy on your industrial plot or land.
In residential vastu, the main focus is to create a calm and peaceful environment. But the needs of industrial vastu are different. All industries and factories need an energetic and positive environment. There should be more Rajas energy in an Industry. 
You can achieve incredible success by following the vastu principles. In case you need any vastu guidance to purchase a factory plot or rectifying the existing one, feel free to contact Secret Vastu consultants.
Expect Miracles!
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