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Vastu For Office| Best Office Vastu Tips| [2024]

Mar 15, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 23158 views

Office Vastu Tips

According to the architectural science of Vastu Shastra, there is a deep connection between the environment of a workplace and the over-all success of a business. It is scientifically proven that having a positive work environment can actually increase the productivity in a workplace. Different design aspects, walls of your workplace, whole interior and layout will provoke different psychological responses. So, it becomes important to have a Vastu-Friendly office.

The American Psychological Association estimates that approximately $550 billion is siphoned off from the U.S. economy annually due to workplace stress, reduced performance and unmotivated employees. It clearly shows that mental health problems have a negative impact on the productivity and profits of businesses. And a Vastu compliant office helps in maintaining one’s mental as well as physical health.

In modern times, even big organizations are using environmental psychology in their office designs to foster a productive and communicative atmosphere.

Large companies have separate departments- such as accounting, marketing, sales, finance, etc. They all require separate spaces for their proper working. And according to the rules stated in vastu shastra, every department provides best results when they are located in their related vastu zones. Because certain vastu zones are considered to give better results for certain tasks.

These are the seven key reasons why creating a Vastu-Friendly office environment is beneficial for your business:

1- It enhances work performance of employees

2- Quick recovery from financial losses

3- Attracts new and better opportunities to grow your business

4- Controlled wasteful expenditures and improved savings 

5- Increases your business related skills

6- Helps you get more orders and sales

7- Removes the obstacles in success


Here are some proven, most accurate and extremely effective Secret Vastu tips to follow at your office or workplace to ensure prosperity and success in your career-


1- Vastu For Main Entrance of The Office

The direction for the main entrance of any office is one of the most important thing in vastu. The main entrance of your office should suit your horoscope and the nature of your business. Different directions give positive results for different businesses.

In vastu, there are total 32 possible entrances for any workplace. Every cardinal direction (North, East, South and West) is split up into 8 possible entrances. Some of these possible entrances are considered beneficial. As you can see in the picture, we have highlighted the most advantageous gates in the green color.


best main entrance for office according to vastu


2- Vastu For Reception of The Office

The welcome area or the reception area is an important part of a office, because it makes a first impression on the visitors. It is a space which gives an idea to the visitors about how well managed is your organization. The best direction for the reception area is East direction. The receptionist should be seated facing East or North direction.


3- Vastu For Head’s Office

In general, the chief executive officer (CEO) or president is considered the head of the business. He is the most important person when it comes to the performance of any organization. The best vastu zone for the head of the organization is west and south-west direction. They should seat sit facing the North or NE (North-East) direction.


4- Vastu For Accounts Department

It should be located in the North direction since it handles money collection and other related activities. North is the direction of planet mercury and kuber. Accountants also needs to be accurate about their calculations. The smallest mistake can have huge consequences for a company or client. South-East zone is an ideal vastu zone for the location of accounts department because of the nature of their task. It makes them precise and meticulous.


5- Vastu For Marketing Department

Best direction for the marketing department and sales staff is NW (North-West). It is meant for marketing the company’s services and products to the customer. It can also be located in the south direction. The south zone is associated with fame and branding.


6- Vastu For Official Files

Official files should be placed in particular directions for getting desired results from them.

  • North-West Zone-

Finished goods files, Shares files (to be sold), Staff and Workers files, Sales files.

  • South-West Zone-

Raw Material files, Shares files (to retain), Personal or Owner’s files, Purchase files,

  • South-East Zone-

Accounts files


7- Vastu For Wall Colors

Colors and emotions are deeply associated with each other. Certain colors evoke certain emotions. Let’s have a look at the appropriate colors for office walls according to the vastu zones and directions:

  • Blue Color: North Direction
  • Green Color: East Direction
  • Light Red or Soft Pink Color: South Direction
  • Silver, Grey and White Colors: West Directions
  • Neutral Colors (Cream, Off-white, and White Color): These neutral colors can be used in almost every part of the workplace. Preferably one of these neutral colors should be used as a basic theme color of the office.


Note:  It is not advised to use the dark shades of the colors in any direction without proper guidance of a vastu expert.   


8- Vastu For Washroom of The Office

Location of the washroom in the non-vastu compliant zone can destroy the positive energy of that place and increase the negative impact related with that zone. So, it becomes very important to get the location of the washroom right. There are the three zones where a washroom can be located:

  • ESE (East-South-East)
  • SSW (South-South-West)
  • WNW (West-North-West)


9- Vastu For Conference Room

The most preferred direction to construct the conference room is NW (North-West) direction.


10- Vastu For Cash Locker

Generally, the cash locker and the documents related to company’s fixed assets, should be kept in the SW (South-West) corner of the office. Cash safe can also be placed in the western or northern direction of the office.  


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H b

For branding : sales and marketing, should we sit in north west zone or face north west direction. If answer is to sit in north west zone - then could I please ask which direction to face when seated at desk. Thank you

Sanjay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

South is a good direction for Branding, and East is a good direction for Marketing purpose activities. In your case, you can sit in the NW zone as well and face towards East direction.


bhisham Menghani

I want to take a office for I.T. Related products which has door in SSW side. The door in the corner. Facing south.

Vijay Kudi [Secret Vastu Consultant]

Bhisham Ji, SSW entrance must be avoided. It is not a good entrance for any purpose.


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