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Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu Basics| Secret Vastu|

Feb 18, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 33075 views

Commercial Vastu

“Adopt the pace nature:

Her secret is patience”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Any business which is done with the sole purpose of gaining profit can be referred to as a commercial activity. And the main goal of the commercial vastu is to increase that very profit.

Things You Are Going To Learn In This Article-

  1. Difference between residential and commercial vastu
  2. Benefits of commercial vastu
  3. Basic principles of commercial vastu
  • Main Entrance of the office
  • Office or sitting place for the owner
  • Cashier or cash locker place
  • Location of the Reception
  • Sitting Arrangement For Accountants
  • Sitting Arrangement For Sales Persons


1- Difference Between Residential And Commercial Vastu-

The principles of Vastu are applicable on both residential as well as commercial properties. However, they are not always the same for residential and commercial properties. And the reason for this difference is the purpose they are serving. Both the residential and commercial places are made for different purposes which are as follows:

Main Goals of A Residential Property/House:

  • Relaxation
  • Peace
  • Fun
  • Recreation
  • Privacy

Main Goals of A Commercial Property/Office:

  • Gaining Profit
  • Selling The Products or Service
  • Transparency of work
  • Hard Working Environment
  • Energetic Ambiance 
  • Activeness Among The Employees  

Even though the basic vastu is same for all kind of buildings and spaces, some principles of commercial vastu are completely opposite of the residential vastu.

For example, a vastu complaint house will have a balance among Rajasic, Tamasic and Satvik energies to serve its purpose of a balanced and a happy life. Residents of a house which has all these three energies of nature in a balanced state will live a prosperous and a healthy life.

Whereas, a vastu compliant commercial property should mainly focus on the rajasic energy. It can also have satvik energy at the working place, but normally, there is no place for tamasic energy at your working place unless it is the requirement of a particular business. The reason for not having tamasic energy at your working place is because it makes the environment lethargic and inactive which may have adverse impact on your business.

2- Benefits of Commercial Vastu-

  • New ideas and increased opportunities
  • Attracting maximum number of customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Financial stability and quick cash flow
  • Recovery from financial losses
  • Releasing the blocked payments
  • Convert the visitors into customers
  • Providing better customer service


3- Basic Principles of Commercial Vastu-

There are some common vastu principles which can be applied at any kind of working place. So let’s have a look at them-

  • Constructed And Open Space:

The major construction should be done in the southern and western part of the building. There should be more open space in the east and west direction.

  • Main entrance of the building/office:

Contrary to the residential places, the entry of the commercial premises must be wide. The doors should be larger and bigger according to vastu. They should be transparent to project an image of fair dealing and transparency in business.

  • Office for the head of the business:

A business head is directly responsible to run all aspects of a company. His office vastu influences the company’s performance and profit. Therefore it is very important to have a vastu compliant office for the head of the business. Generally, the location of the head’s office should be in the West or South-West. It should be farthest from the main entry of the building.

  • Location of the Reception:

First impression is very important and receptions is your chance to leave a good first impression on the visitors. The reception area should give positive vibes to everyone, be it customer or an employee. According to vastu the ideal location for reception is East zone. Keep this area clean and well-organized.

  • Placement of Water:

Water bodies (underground water tank, fountain, pools etc.) can be kept in the NNE (North-North-East) zone. Apart from this, ENE (East-North-East) is another good option for keeping water related objects.

  • Color & Objects:

The color of the commercial space should be vastu friendly. Each direction has their own vastu compliant colors. However, it is good to use neutral colors (Cream, off white and white) in general. Avoid using dark colors for the office. Electrical equipment and gadgets can be placed in the South-East zone.


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