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North Facing House Vastu| Best Vastu Tips For North Facing House|

Oct 09, 2018 . by Sanjay Kudi . 99568 views

north facing house vastu tips

According to the vastu shastra ‘the facing of a house’ refers to the direction in which the main entrance of the house is located. The direction in which the main entrance of a house is located plays a vital role in the lives of the residents of that house. It is the main entrance from where the cosmic energy comes into your home.


north facing house vastu,


The North Facing House, in general, is considered to be a very auspicious house. However, it is a half-truth. North facing house can be auspicious or inauspicious, depending on the overall vastu of the house. Though, there are certain advantages of having a north facing house, but as per vastu none of the direction is good or bad in itself.

The following things must correspond to the vastu principles for an auspicious house–


  • Main Entrance location
  • 16 Vastu Zones and location of the Rooms
  • Placement of the Various Objects and balance of the Five Elements in our living space.


Things You Are Going To Learn Further:









Finding the facing of your house is extremely important as a difference of even 3-4 degrees will make the entire calculation of 16 vastu zones inaccurate and then it will be difficult for you to find out the root cause of the problems. (Here is the full article link - @FindingTheDirectionofYourHouse)

Finding the accurate facing of the house is not a rocket science. All you need to do is to follow these steps:


  • First of all, stand outside of the main entrance of your house with house at your back and the compass in your hand. Stand with your back parallel to the house.
  • Hold the compass flat (horizontally) on your palm in front of your chest.
  • Now, let the compass needle (usually a red or green colored orienting arrow) float freely until the zero degree mark on the compass and the North end of the needle are aligned. It will determine the magnetic North.
  • After confirming the magnetic North, write down the direction which you are facing.
  • You will now have an accurate facing.


While Using A Compass, Make Sure To Remember The Following:


  • Remove all the magnetic objects around the compass
  • Remove all jewellery on hands
  • Hold the compass at waist level
  • In order to determine the accurate direction, take at least 3-4 readings in and outside the property and confirm the one which you get the maximum number of times.




The main entrance of the house holds a very important place in the vastu. It connects a home to the cosmic consciousness. Since it is the main entry point for the cosmic energy into any building, it plays a vital role in the lives of the inhabitants of that building.

According to vastu shastra there are 32 gates out of which 9 gates are considered very auspicious and 3 out of these 9 gates are located in the North direction.

The main entrance of any North facing house should be located in the following Padas (gates)-

  • N3 or Mukhya (337.5° - 349°)
  • N4 or Bhallat (349° - 0°)
  • N5 or Soma (0° - 11°)


vastu for north facing house


As you can see in the picture, we have highlighted the most beneficial gates in the blue color for a North facing house. (More on Main Gate Vastu - @MainGateVastu)




1- According to the principles stated in the vastu shastra, leaving some open space in the Northern direction of the house provides tremendous growth in wealth and prosperity. (Here is the Full Article Link on Money - @MoneyVastu)

2- The slope of the plot should always be towards North or East direction. It provides health benefits to the women and creates a positive energy flow in the house.

3- Make sure to keep the boundary walls in North and East shorter and thinner than the South and West direction.

4- Primarily kitchen should be built in South-East (SE) direction. The second best option would be North-West (NW) corner of the house.

5- As per vastu, North-East (NE) is considered a sacred zone. Therefore, the pooja (prayer) or meditation room should be constructed in this direction for the spiritual upliftment.

6- You can also use the North-East (NE) zone for the purpose of a living room.

7- You can make a guest bedroom in the North-West (NW) zone.

8- South-West (SW) is a very suitable direction for the master bedroom. It is the zone of relationship and skills. Placement of the master bedroom in SW zone will ensure the stability in your life.

9- Keep the North-East zone clean and clutter free.

10- Brahmasthan (center point of the house) must be kept vacant and free from any construction.

11- Underground water tank, bore well or swimming pool should be placed in the North, East part of the house. However, any water body should not be placed in the exact North-East corner.




1- Never construct the main building structure in the North, East or North-East (NE) direction. Northern and Eastern part of the house must not be heavier than the Southern and Western direction. Otherwise, it will suppress the positive energy of the North-East. (Read Full Article on Married Life - @HappyMarriedLife)

2- Never keep the slope of the plot towards South-West (SW) direction. It will lead to serious health problems and loss of wealth.

3- Avoid a cut in the North-East (NE) corner of the house as it will cause illness, depression and financial losses.

4- Keeping the head in the North direction while sleeping is not good as it will disturb your sleep.

5- Master bedroom in North-East is a strict no. It will be very harmful for the master of the house. He will lose the power of discretion and it may also lead to a stressful life. There will also be a lack of stability in his life.  

6- The Septic tank should be avoided in the North-East zone.

7- Do not use red color for the Northern walls of the house. Darker shades of red and black color must be avoided even in their respective zones.

8- Making a staircase in the North-East is not recommended as per vastu.

9- Vastu strictly prohibits the construction of kitchen in the North-East zone.

Well, that’s all there is to when it comes to North Facing House Vastu. Make sure that you follow these proven and most accurate vastu tips to gain wealth and success in your life.

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