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Vastu Tips For Plot Selection| Plot Vastu Tips|

Feb 15, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 28511 views

vastu tips for plot

The selection of a plot becomes very important in order to lay the foundation of a Vastu-friendly home that would invite positive energy.

Normally the service of a Vastu expert is taken only after buying the plot. That is why sometimes people find major issues with the plot after making the purchase. There are some very important vastu principles you should always keep in mind while looking for a plot.

vastu tips for plot

Your home will radiate positive as well as negative energies throughout your life depending on the shape of the plot, its orientation, location, quality of the soil, slope of the plot and its neighborhood vastu. Therefore, before purchasing any plot or land you must test it on the principles of Vastu and only after that take the final decision. [ Also Read - @Main-Gate-Vastu ]


The Following Type of Plots Are Considered Vastu Compliant-


1. Square plot or a plot with equal length and width is considered best in terms of shape.

2. Rectangular plot is the second best option if the length and width ratio is less or equal to 1:2.

3. Southwest to Northeast slope.

5. The slope of the plot from west to east is also good.

6. Plots with South to North Slope are considered favorable. 

7. Plots having Norteast extension are considered extremely auspicious.

8. Any Water body, e.g., river, canal, lake in the north or east direction of the plot is very beneficial.

9. Hills, mounds, tall tree, elevated lands, tall buildings in the south, southwest or west direction of the land is said to be advantageous for the residents.

10. A plot having a road on all four sides is very favorable for the residents.

11. North or East facing plots are considered better option to build a vastu friendly home. Although west and south facing plots can be as beneficial as north or east facing plots if built on vastu principles.

12. Open lands towards north or northeast or east direction attracts wealth and prosperity. 

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13. A plot which has Northern street focus attracts wealth and abundance in your life.


Things To Avoid While Buying A Plot-


1. Triangular Plots.

2. Circular Plots.

3. Oval Plots.

4. Avoid buying any irregular shaped plots without consulting a vastu expert.

5. Plots extended in southeast direction.

6. Southwest extended plots.

7. Plots extended in northwest direction.

8. Extended in any other direction (exception – north, northeast).

9. Cut ​​in southeast direction.

10. Cut in south direction.

11. Cut ​​in northwest direction.

12. Cut in northeast.

13. Cut ​​in any other direction.

14. Irregularly shaped plots.

15. Having water bodies (river, canal, drain, lake) in southwest, south direction of a plot is considered extremely inauspicious and it attracts financial and health problems. Don’t buy such plots.

16. Having any tall building, mountain, mound in the north or east direction is said to be not profitable.

17. Plots having Southwest street focus must be avoided. Such plots causes many serious financial and health problems.

18. Never buy any plot which has southeast street focus, southern street focus, southern southwest street focus, western southwest street focus and northwest street focus.

19. Avoid buying plots with east to west slope and north to south slope.

20. Plots sloping from northeast to southwest are inauspicious.

21. Plots having more open space in south and west direction than north and east directions are not good.

22. It is not good to have any kind of pit or well/bore well in southwest, south and west directions.

23. Having a plot near the transformers, mobile towers, or other power sources is best to be avoided.

Overall, the principles of Vastu Shastra can be fully applied only if the plot on which the building is being constructed is vastu-friendly. 

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