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Vastu Tips For Garden| Garden Vastu|

May 29, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 16517 views

garden vastu

There is a common misconception that vastu shastra is only about occupied spaces. In fact, empty spaces play vital role in balancing the overall vastu compliance of the house.

Any house which leaves too little empty space attracts negative energy, causing wealth loss, disease and many other unwanted results for the residents.    

So it is extremely important and useful to have some open space in the house which can be used for the purpose of a garden. According to Vastu Shastra a garden made in the right direction brings incredible prosperity, fame and fortune for the house owner.

As far as health is concerned, a garden made in particular directions provides you immense health benefits.


Here Are Some Important Vastu Tips For A Blissful Garden-


1- Garden in the northern direction is considered very auspicious. It helps in wealth creation.

2- Garden, located in the east direction is also considered very benificial, especially for the politicians and other people who are involved in public life.

3- Fountains are extremely beneficial when placed in the North, North-northeast, East-northeast directions.

4- Any type of water body kept in north direction provides great results.

5- Keep the center of the garden empty and clean.

6- Basil plant is very auspicious when kept in North and Northeast direction.

7- Swings can be placed in north or east.

8- Make sure that all the plants are in good condition and well maintained.


garden vastu tips, best direction for garden in vastu


The Following Type of Garden Vastu Is Inauspicious-


1- Plots having garden in the Southwest, South and Southeast direction are bound to attract negative vibes. Garden, located in the above mentioned directions causes loss of accumulated wealth.

2- Big trees in north direction are not considered good in vastu.

3- Having heavy sculptures, rock garden or clutter in the north.

4- Never plant big trees in the center of the house at any cost. Any kind of construction in the Brahmasthan (center of the house) is prohibited in vastu.

5- Avoid thorny plants (e.g., cactus, Aloevira) in any direction.

6- Bonsai plant is also considered negative for the residents of the house.

7- Having any kind of water body in Southwest, South or Southeast direction brings negativity.

8- Avoid having flower pots on the compound wall.

Humans can’t live without plants. They are the very source of life for us. Therefore, a garden located in the right direction keeps the positive energy flow in the house.

So, make sure to have some open space for garden in your house and consult an experienced vastu expert for the garden vastu.


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