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Vastu Tips For Garage| Car Parking Vastu|

Apr 20, 2019 . by Sanjay Kudi . 19835 views

car parking vastu

Are you facing frequent problems in your car? Have you ever thought, what’s leading to this inconvenience on a regular basis? Is it just a coincidence or there is something wrong with the car parking vastu?

Having a car has become a necessity in the modern times. But we often hear about car accidents, mishaps taking place after buying a new car. Apart from this, people have to deal with high maintenance costs, parking issues, engine problem and several others issues as well.

According to vastu shastra, you will have to face such problems if your car is parked in the wrong vastu zone.


car parking vastu, vastu tips for car parking


Car parking in wrong vastu zones can lead to:


1- Frequent car accidents

2- Car theft problem

3- Fire hazards

4- Early repairs in the service centers

5- Car breakdown every now and then

6- Constant quarrelling with neighbors for car parking space


Car parking in the appropriate vastu zones will have following effects:


1- Better efficiency

2- Long life of vehicle

3- Safe travel

4- Low maintenance cost

5- Fruitful journeys

6- Good for wealth and fame


Here are some important vastu tips for car parking:


1- According to the rules of vastu shastra, the ideal location the garage or car parking is the North-west zone.

2- The second best option for garage is the South-east corner of the house.

3- A garage in the basement must be in the North or East direction only.

4- If it is not possible to construct the garage due to the lack of space then car porch can be constructed in the North or Northeast direction. Although it is not the best option.

5- The entrance door of the garage should be located in the North or East direction.

6- Entrance height of the garage gate should be less than the main gate of the house.

7- Slope of the garage roof towards the East or North direction is considered good as per vastu.  

8- Keep the slope of garage’s floor towards East or North.

9- As per the rules stated in the vastu shastra always park your car with its front facing North or East direction.

10- Make sure there’s at least 2-3 feet space all around the parking area to walk around with ease.


Car Parking Vastu – Things to avoid-


1- Car parking in the Southwest zone is a strict no.

2- Construction of garage in the Northeast direction is not allowed. (However, car porch or parking in the Northeast basement is somewhat ok)

3- Basement garage in the Southwest, South or West direction is not recommended as a basement in this zone can lead to calamities.

4- The car must not be parked facing south or west direction as it may cause fire hazards.

5- Preferably, the garage walls shouldn’t touch the compound walls. 

6- Any inflammable items should be avoided in garage.

To conclude, the garage should be constructed as per vastu principles for a long and hassle free life of your car. 


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