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Mudra Chikitsa

What Is Mudra Chikitsa| How It Works?

Jun 10, 2020 . by Sanjay Kudi . 9877 views

What is mudra chikitsa
What Is Mudra Chikitsa
Everything in the universe
is within you.
Ask all from yourself.
Have you ever realized that your hands hold a natural healing power that has been used for centuries? This healing power of hands is known as Mudra Chikitsa in India.
Our hands are a source of tremendous power. They can be used to harm as well as to heal someone or something.
They can also express the state of our mind. For example, a clenched fist is a sign of repressed anger, restrain and frustration. People adopt clenched fists when they are frustrated or angry at something.
Another example is when you feel confident, the space between your fingers increases and when you feel insecure that space disappears. These are just few expressions derived from the hands. Human hands are wonderful transmitters of emotions and thoughts. 
With the hands playing such a vital role in our life, it is no wonder that many ancient spiritual cultures used mudras or hand gestures as a healing method. Mudras have the ability to positively influence the energy flow in our body.
It has been proved that the sacred hand gestures mentioned in mudra chikitsa can improve our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
The science of Mudra Chikitsa is based on the theory of five elements or Pancha Tattva. This Theory of five elements exits in various ancient traditions such as Vedic, Greek, Japanese and Chinese.
As per the theory of five elements, the entire universe is made up of 5 basic elements: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.
These elements of nature also constitutes the human body. Each of them serves a specific and vital function within the body.
We remain healthy as long as all these elements are in a balanced state. Whereas an imbalance in them can cause various health issues and diseases.
Imbalance of Water Element:
Asthma, cold, swellings, blood thinning, urine related problems etc.
Imbalance of Air Element:
Blood pressure problems, nervous disorders, anxiety, lung disorders, depression, muscle pains etc.
Imbalance of Fire Element:
Extreme variations in perceived temperatures like increased coldness or heat in the body, skin diseases, diabetes etc.
Imbalance of Earth Element:
Weakness in the body, cholesterol problems, weight loss, weight gain, diseases related to muscular pain and bones.
Imbalance of Space Element:
Throat related issues, thyroid disorders, speech disorders, epilepsy, ear diseases etc.
Therefore, it is very important to maintain the appropriate balance of the five elements for a healthy life. And this ancient Indian discipline and a branch of Yoga known as Mudra Chikitsa is extremely helpful in that regard.
So, let’s have a look at the science of Mudra Chikitsa and its health benefits for us-
You Are Going To Learn In This Article:
  • What Is Mudra Chikitsa?
  • Origin And History of Mudra Chikitsa
  • What Are The Functions of The Five Elements Within The Body
  • How to Practice Mudras?
  • Three Main Effects of Mudras
  • Duration or Time Period of Practicing Mudras
  • Health Benefits of Mudra Chikitsa
What Is Mudra Chikitsa?
Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means “gesture” and mudra chikitsa is all about mystic hand gestures. Mudra chikitsa is a less known but a very important branch of Yoga.
In this modern time, almost everyone is familiar with Yoga, but there is much more to Yoga than asanas and breathing practices.
Indian seers discovered a direct connection between the five elements of nature and the five fingers of the human body. This discovery was then developed as a subtler and independent branch of Yoga known as Yoga Tatva Mudra Vigyan.
This branch of Vedic wisdom explains the connection between the five fingers and the five elements.
In mudra chikitsa, fingers are brought together in a specific pattern and slightly pressed against each other to form a particular mudra or hand gesture. Every mudra affects a particular element/elements in our body.
According to the Indian rishis (seers) the fingers of the human body have the characteristics of these elements. Mudras or these mystic hand gestures engage certain parts of the brain and exercise a corresponding influence on them.
The use of mudras balances the natural flow of energy in our body. So when you make a mudra, the tips of your fingers create an energetic circuit that adjusts the flow of energy in your body by balancing the related element. Each finger on either hand balances a specific element.
You can see the relationship between the five elements and five fingers below-
Thumb- Fire Element
Index Finger- Air Element
Middle Finger- Space/Ether Element
Ring Finger- Earth Element
Small Finger- Water Element
Origin And History of Mudra Chikitsa
Mudra chikitsa is a healing method from the ancient Vedic culture of India. It has been handed down through the ages from Indian mystics to those interested. There are several references of mudras in Indian mythology and history.
What Are The Functions of The 5 Elements Within The Body?
According to Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, each of the five elements is responsible for different functions and structures in our body-
  • Water Element:
It forms bodily fluids like- blood, saliva, sweat, semen and urine.
  • Air Element:
It is responsible for all movements like expansion, contraction, breath.
  • Fire Element:
It creates heat and derives our needs like hunger, sleep, thirst.
  • Earth Element:
It forms solid structures like- bones, tissues, skin and hair.
  • Space Element:
It is responsible for our inner wisdom and intuition. It also determines our fears.
How To Practice Mudras?
The underlying healing power of mudras exits in feeling the subtle energetic effects in your body. You need to focus and feel the subtleties of each mudra to take your experience deeper. Here are a few general tips for practicing mudras-
  • Firstly, be gentle with your fingers and keep your hands relaxed. However, in the beginning you may feel a little sore after practicing some of the complex mudras.
  • The flexibility of hands has a direct connection with the flexibility of your body. If you feel tense in a specific part of your body, that tension will be expressed at the corresponding area in your hands. After practicing the mudras for a while, the tensions will dissolve in the hands as well as the corresponding part of the body. 
  • Form your hands and place the fingers as described in the text to the best of your ability. While doing this, keep the pressure of the fingers light and fine. Any tension will only hinder the flow of the vital energy.
  • Mudras should be done by both hands.
  • Preferably, mudras should not be practiced on a full stomach. It will not be much effective. It should be practiced in a meditative and harmonious mood.
  • Keep the breathing deep and relaxed.
  • Ideally, mudras should be done while seated. But, they can also be practiced while standing, lying down or walking.
Three Main Effects of Mudras-
According to the Yoga Tatva Mudra Vigyan, there are three basic effects of practicing various mudras:
  1. Tonifying The Energy: When the tip of the thumb touches the base of a finger, it will increase the element associated with that particular finger. For example, touching the thumb to the base of the middle finger will strengthen the space element. 
  2. Sedating The Energy: When a finger is covered by the thumb, it causes the sedation of the element associated with that finger. For example, covering the ring finger with the thumb, sedated the earth element.
  3. Balancing The Energy: Touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of any finger brings the associated element into balance with the others.
Duration or Time Period For Practicing Mudras:
The duration to practice a mudra position differs from case to case. Normally, you can hold a mudra for 15-20 minutes. In case of chronic problems you can hold the mudra for 45 minutes.
You can divide these 45 minutes into three time periods of 15 minutes each, if you find it difficult to hold a mudra for 45 minutes.
For getting better and quicker results of mudras, you should practice them daily at a specific time of the day.
Some mudras that are used for acute complaints, should be discontinued when the desired effect is achieved.
Health Benefits of Mudra Chikitsa
  • It ensures that the energy [Prana] moves freely within the body.
  • It makes the body and mind stable and healthy.
  • It improves the physical health and immune system.
  • Some mudras are very useful in reducing chronic pain.   
  • It helps you maintain your nervous system and psychological wellbeing.
  • It provides relief from the anxiety of modern life.
  • It helps you decrease stress and sleep deeper.
  • Mudras are also useful in your spiritual wellbeing.
  • Regular practice of mudras can cure various health issues and diseases.
  • Practice of some specific mudras can improve your memory and focus.
  • It improves the overall quality of life.

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